The SkyDrive app for iPhone and iPad has been adapted to work well with iOS 7. The design is clean and easy to use, giving you access to basically everything you need to use your SkyDrive files on the go.

One of the most notable improvements in this new app is it’s overall change to accommodate the iOS 7 feel that many other apps have pushed more recently, which includes sliding between pages with a swipe motion. In addition, they’ve included larger thumbnails for images so they’re easier to see without opening them to full screen.

As Dropbox included photo uploads in their app awhile back, SkyDrive now has the same feature with images and video. The last feature we’ll examine is the ability to open documents in the Office Mobile app for easy editing.

Getting Started with the SkyDrive App

Download the iOS app here and then launch it to sign on and give it access to your photos.

(Go here if you need to sign up for a SkyDrive account.)


The main menu is at the bottom, where you can find all your files or items people have shared with you, among things like recently changed/uploaded files and the settings for the app.


Sharing can actually be done from within the app if you select a file and then choose an email to share it with. Further, define the permissions to require an email sign in or allow editing.


Also simply send a link to one of your SkyDrive files by either copying the link or sending it directly via email. This makes it super simple to share files on the go.

Automatic Camera Backup

Instead of using BitTorrent to back up your iOS images to SkyDrive, the app now has this feature built-in. Open the app and head to the “Settings” menu item.

Open “Camera Backup” and toggle the feature on. Additional settings appear once this is turned on, like the option to include videos and a toggle for using your mobile data plan in addition to Wi-Fi when uploading files. Select the “Resize Photos” to have SkyDrive downsize the photos before uploading to save on time and data.


An indicator on the app icon from the iOS device’s home screen easily shows the number of remaining items to be uploaded. Note that the backup feature does not work unless the app is actually open in the foreground.

Edit Office Documents

Editing documents aren’t hardly done within the app, but the option to open a file in the Office Mobile app is a nice little feature if you’re an Office 365 subscriber. To do this, just click the edit icon (the one that looks like compose) to have the file immediately open in Office Mobile.

Alternatively, choose the ellipsis from the menu to select a different app to edit or view the file, like with Quickoffice.



If SkyDrive wants to compete with services like Dropbox, it’s important for them to get ahead once in a while, but it seems they’re a little behind on the handy photo uploads feature. However, to include videos in uploads is a really nice one-up. Moreover, integrating Office document editing from within the app definitely raises its status.

Download SkyDrive for iOS