It can be hard to keep your Address Book clean, especially if you have a fairly large amount of contacts in it. No one has time to take a few hours out of their day to manually check each contact and see if there are any duplicates. Why should you when there are services that can do this automatically for you, like Scrubly.

Just like a washing machine cleans your clothes and removes dirt and stains, Scrubly cleans your Address Book and removes any duplicates and junk contacts. The secret is in their “Scrubbleator data cleaning system.” It’s an amazing technology that analyzes your contacts’ information field by field. Best of all, it only takes a few minutes out of your day to complete.

As an additional bonus, Scrubly creates an automatic backup of your original Address Book (before) and your scrubbed contacts (after) so that you can restore them later if needed. Let’s take a look at how to use this service to keep our Address Books’ squeaky clean of duplicates.

How to Scrub Your Address Book

Each address book that you want to scrub needs to be added to your account individually. With a free account, you will receive an unlimited number of scrubs for a up to 250 contacts. Let’s look at how Scrubly helps you remove duplicate contacts from your Address Book.

Create A New Address Book

Once you sign up with Scrubly and are at the dashboard, click on the “Create New” button in the top left-hand column.

Create A New Address Book

Choose Your Address Book Service

Then select the type of Address Book you’d like to scrub by clicking on the corresponding icon. You can choose Outlook (PC), Address Book (Mac) or Google (Gmail or Google Apps).

Select Your Type

Create A Name

Next, you’ll need to create a name for the Address Book; this is for your own personal reference. If you choose Google, you’ll also need to enter your email address.

You’ll need to be signed out of any other Google Account that you may have. Once signed in to the account you want to scrub, you’ll have to grant Scrubly access to your email contacts and Google calendar.

Create A Name

Start Scrubbing

Once you’ve connected your address book, you can start scrubbing your contacts. Scrubly will first upload a copy of your address book contacts and automatically create a backup of these contacts for you. Alternately, you can choose to scrub later if you’re not ready yet.

Start Scrubbing

See Your Results

If Scrubly finds any duplicates or similar contacts, you’ll be prompted to take action. You’ll have to “click to clean” and then you can manually select the addresses you want to delete. Otherwise, you’ll be notified that no duplicates could be found.

Scrubly will perform 4 types of scrubs: exact duplicates, compatible duplicates, junk contacts, lose match duplicates. Compatible duplicates are those that have two or more matching items. Junk contacts are those that contain limited information. Loose match duplicates are those that have limited matching information; this scan will take longer than the others.

The process is pretty quick. I had 84 contacts in my first Address Book and it took about 2 minutes to perform all of the scrubs.

See Your Results

Update Your Account

At the end of the final scrub, you’ll get to see your Detailed Results at a glance. You can choose to send the scrubbed data to your Google account or just go back to your Address Book. Sending the data to your Google account means that you will remove your current contacts and replace them with the scrubbed contacts.

This is the most important step because if you do not choose to do this, then your Address Book will remain the same.

That’s it, you’re all done. You can go back and rescrub your account any time you’d like or even restore your contacts from the backup if needed.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Plain and simple, Scrubly saves you time and aggravation. Everything is done automatically and if something goes wrong you can restore your contacts.

I honestly cannot find any disadvantages to Scrubly. It works as advertised, plus the free account is perfect since most regular users will not have more than 250 contacts.


While Scrubly does offer a free account, they have 2 other account types. There is a yearly plan for $24.95 and a one-time plan for $9.95. The chart below will show you what’s included with each plan.

Pricing Chart


  • Works with Outlook, Mac, Gmail, and Google Apps
  • Remove duplicate contacts; merge and resolve conflicts
  • Performs 4 types of scrubs: exact duplicates, compatible duplicates, junk contacts, lose match duplicates
  • You get to manually choose which contacts to delete before processing
  • Automatically backs up your Address Book and lets you restore it if needed
  • Free account is sufficed for most users

Ready to get started? Head on over to Scrubly to start cleaning your contacts.