“Know without fail when things go on sale,” the tagline from WishClouds, a new shopping app that lets you track the prices of a product, instead of just saving until you have enough dough, and pouncing at the exact moment to get the best price.

WishClouds has also arrived just in time for the holidays. Say goodbye to tedious web searches and calling around. This app can help streamline your shopping and time this holiday season, helping you organize the stores you plan on going to quickly and accurately. The app is also available on the web as well as on Android and iOS platforms.

Our guide will outline how to use the price-following shopping app, WishClouds and make the most of the features it has to offer..

Get the App

After downloading the and/or logging into their site, signing up for WishClouds is seamless. If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, you can sign in with either account, otherwise you can go to their sign-up page.


After signing up, you’ll be instantly logged in with your profile picture from Facebook, if you signed up that method, now visible in the top right-corner of the screen.


Creating a WishCloud

WishClouds is essentially a social network for shopping and feels a lot like Pinterest. If you love using Facebook and Twitter, you will now be able to discuss, share and view your and your friends’ shopping buys on WishClouds, making for a much more interactive shopping experience.


One of the main things you can do on WishCloud is “Create your own WishCloud,” where you save all the wonderful things you’d like to buy. The idea is to create several WishClouds, each for its own occasion or purpose, such as “Holiday List,” “Office Wear” or “Dream Dresses.”


After clicking “My wishes” when clicking your profile pic in the top right-corner, your account will open and will show a link for creating a new WishCloud. To do so, click “Create a cloud.”


After clicking “Create a Cloud,” a dialog box will load where you can personalize the cloud, including adding its name, description, if you want to make it private and if it’s a charity cloud; popular during the holidays.


To access an individual WishCloud, click the cloud just once to view the items inside or edit its settings. You can also upload photos and share them with your followers by clicking the “Post a photo” button.


Saving to a WishCloud

To find new products to add to your WishClouds, a search tool is located at the top of the page. Click “Search” to bring up the search field, and you can “Search by” “Product,” “Store,” one of the most handiest search methods we found, or by “People,” like designers or celebs.


When you find something you want to add to a WishCloud, you “Save” a product by simply tapping the product in the search results (if you’re on a smartphone) or clicking “Wish it” in the on the image if you’re on a PC. The store, the price and a large photo will accompany each image in the search results, as well as the option to “Tag friends” you think may like it too.


Also, each time you go to save a product, you can specify which WishCloud you want it saved to.


Sale Alerts

Saving a product in WishCloud is much more than just bookmarking it too. WishCloud will keep its hawk-eyes on the site and alert you the moment an item goes on sale so you can save, which is especially important if the new internet sales tax law comes to pass.

When any of your saved items go on sale, a pop-up alert will appear on the “Wishes on sale” cloud in your account area. Otherwise, a pop-up alert will appear on your screen.



If you like seeing how prices fluctuate, a “Price History” graph showing the changes in the price of an item you’ve saved is available in your “My wishes” area.

Double-click an item and a dialog window will pop-up showing info on the item, including a graph. If the price has changed recently, you will see when it occurred too. This graph is a great gauge to see if it’s been awhile since it was on sale and to know when the next may occur.


Follow Celebrities WishClouds

WishClouds has also gotten several celebrities to begin using their app, allowing fans to view their WishClouds and learn more about their favorite celebrity’s personality. Celebrities WishClouds can be found under “Tastemakers.” Fans can also “Comment” on celeb WishClouds and interact with them.

Some of the celebs you’ll find here are Nathan Fillion, Ciara Bravo, Brianna Brown, Michael Trucco, Tricia Hefler, and Ian Ziering. On a celeb’s WishCloud page, you can view all of their wishes, as well as their separate clouds, the clouds they’re watching and their followers.



Shopping online has turned a new leaf with the advent of social media, and WishClouds is smartly banking on this. With WishClouds, never again will you miss a sale, and you can also be assured your personal data will be kept private. The site has vowed to never share or sell personal data to any other sites or retailers.

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