Why would anyone want their computer to be restored to a specific state every time it reboots? Well, if children are constantly using your computer, or it’s in a public location, the last thing you need is for it to malfunction because of a faulty program install or some other carelessness. Reboot Restore Rx is a program that can be installed to always restore a computer back to a previous state on every single reboot.

The program doesn’t work like when restoring a Windows install with the built-in capabilities. Reboot Restore Rx actually restores every single file back to its original state. It works by taking a snapshot of the PC during the program install. No matter what changes are made, the files will be restored back to the state they existed in at the point of the install.

Installation is extremely easy and doesn’t take much time at all, but be sure to read through this post to the end so you’re aware of an issue you may face.

Getting Started With Reboot Restore RX

Before installing the program, please ensure Windows updates and program installs are at the desired state. By this I mean because the operating system will be reset at every reboot, it’s important to have installed the programs and updates you want applied so it’s not necessary to keep installing them at every reboot.

Because there are no prompts or settings to make after the install, the only steps required to get Reboot Restore Rx up and running is the install.

Download the program here.

The initial installer is simply a zipped folder. It will extract the setup files to a folder at the root of the local disk and then launch the installer automatically.


During setup, choose the partition that should be restored at every reboot. If you only have one partition, you will have no choice but to choose it.


You must restart your computer to continue after the install. You’ll notice a progress bar during the reboot – this is the final step in the installation process.

Now when a change is made, no matter if it’s as small as a new folder or large as 10 program installs, the entire operating system will restore back to the way it existed when Reboot Restore Rx was installed.

To stop your computer from constantly restoring on every reboot, you must uninstall the program from Windows. Because there aren’t any additional settings, the only way to stop the procedure is to remove the program.

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If you’re looking for additional options and customizations, there are other versions of Reboot Restore Rx that come at a cost.

PC Keeps Rebooting After Install

There is a glaring issue with this installation that doesn’t seem to be a main point of discussion before downloading the installer. As outlined in the troubleshooter page for this problem, you must reset the Master Boot Record to prevent a constant reboot loop after the initial installation. Without making these below changes, your computer may reboot after installation due to an apparent PC failure, and continue to do so until these steps are taken.

Open the troubleshooter page and choose your installation type.


I’m using Windows 8.1, so I’d choose the third option from the list.

You must reboot to the Windows installation disc and enter these three commands:

bootrec /fixmbr
bootrec /fixboot
bootrec /rebuildbcd


This step is only necessary if you’re running into the reboot problem after installing Reboot Restore Rx.


If it’s not a public computer you’re using Reboot Restore Rx on, it’s also great for children or anyone that doesn’t really need permanent PC changes.

Download Reboot Restore RX