A free Virtual Private Network (VPN) sounds pretty good to most computer and mobile-users, and Spotflux has been just that – free VPN software – protecting your identity as you browse the web. It encrypts your web traffic, blocks your IP address and it can even remove cookies and ads from websites. It’s no wonder the software has been popular with computer users and mobile users since it became available in 2011.

The developers at Spotflux have now created an extension for Chrome that allows you to use their service without having to download their software. Called “Spotflux Safe Browsing,” also known as Spotflux Lite. This extension can also block your IP address as you surf the web and will encrypt your web traffic.

While it may not be as powerful as its software counterpart, it should be enough for the casual computer user. To learn how to use the new Spotflux VPN extension for chrome, check out our guide below.

Get the Spotflux VPN Extension

To get started with the Spotflux Safe Browsing extension for Chrome, first download it from the Chrome Web Store.


After you add the extension, a green and black square icon will appear in the top right corner of Chrome, and clicking this button will access Spotlux, displaying a moving graphic of your PC and their server, with flying green boxes moving between them.

This means the extension is currently working; encrypting all of your web traffic and hiding your IP address.


Using Spotflux Lite

Once you install Spotflux Lite, it will begin encrypting your web traffic and hide your IP address right away. Nothing needs to be done to get it to start working, which is rather nice. However, if you ever need to pause protection, there’s a button in the drop-down menu located in the bottom right-hand corner that says, “Pause Protection.”


Click this button once, and the graphic will stop moving, visually showing you it has stopped protecting your identity for the time being.


To adjust the settings of this extension, such as whether you’d like it to work incognito or to edit the permissions you give it, go to the settings menu in Chrome, and click “Extensions” to find Spotflux Safe Browsing in the list. When you do, there will be links to it to adjust its settings.



More people every day are growing concerned about their identity as they use the internet, and the Spotflux Safe Browsing extension really can do a lot in keeping your identity under wraps. However, remember – no extension or software can 100% guarantee to fully protect you. Using this extension however in conjunction with the Spotflux software can help beef up your protection arsenal significantly.

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