If you’re kind of person who likes to keep up with latest facts and figures, then you’ll love World Data Finder, a data and chart extension for Chrome that serves as your “know it all” companion as you visit websites. It reveals data relevant to whatever you’re reading, making sure you get the most accurate take, and it’s all available within one-click.

While this extension is perfect for students, journalists and bloggers, it’s also great for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest news-worthy facts. Created by Knoema, the makers of fact and statistic analyzing software, this extension comes from a name in the industry that journalists respect.

Our guide will outline how to use the World of Data Finder Extension for Chrome.

Getting Started

The World Data Finder extension is only available in Chrome, and it can be downloaded in the Chrome Web Store here.


After you install the extension, you will briefly see an alert to the far right in the URL bar letting you know that World Data Finder has been added, but to also show you its official icon – a magnifying glass over a chart – so you know what to look for when facts and charts are available for a site you’re visiting.

This icon will only be displayed if some relevant data is available.


The extension will begin working right away. All you need to do is just surf the web like you usually do, and keep your eye out for the magnifying glass chart icon in the toolbar.

Using the World Data Finder Extension

Now that the extension is installed, visit a site to see it in action, preferably a news site or an academia site, since more facts and charts will be available for sites like these. For purposes of this post, we visited an article on the disappearance of $1.00 coins, and the data the extension chose to show were the current prices of copper and zinc.


You can also scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up to view the entirety of the data the extension has gathered. There is a button for more information, bringing you to their site if you’re not satisfied with the data the extension has shown you.

Generally by clicking “More Info,” you’ll find expanded data on the data already shown.



You can also change how the data World Data Finder finds is displayed. By going to the “Settings” menu in Chrome and “Extensions,” click “Options” by the “World Data Finder.”


Upon clicking, a new tab will open. Here you have two options to change the “Display Mode” –

1) Display results in a pop-up window or

2) Insert charts into text.


When selecting the “Insert charts into text” mode, this is how it will look when browsing a web page, embedded neatly between paragraphs.



For students and journalists where fact checking is paramount, this extension is a must-have, helping you find accurate data quicker than ever, yet this extension is also a fun tool for the average lay-person who values accurate data. Just remember – it sometimes takes a bit to work, with the icon not always popping up right away, but be patient; the icon will appear in a few seconds after loading a page.

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