Months after Windows 8.1, codenamed Windows Blue, hit Windows users, rumors are floating around about the next major Windows update: Codename Threshold. For Microsoft and Xbox fans, you know that Threshold is part of the Halo series lore.

For others, you may be wondering: What could Threshold do that Windows 8.1 couldn’t? Let’s look at the rumor mill surrounding Windows Threshold and what it can do for Windows 8.1 users.

What is Windows Threshold?

Windows Threshold will be the next major update to the Windows 8.1 operating system. Rumor has it the release date will be in the spring or summer of 2015. Mary Jo Foley, one of the top Microsoft and Windows journalists, has released this information and Foley is known for getting top-notch information from contacts at the company over the years. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t pay attention to this leak.

Threshold won’t simply cover the next update to the Windows 8.1 operating system, but it will also tie into Windows Phone and Xbox One updates. It looks like Microsoft may be ditching the annual release cycle popular with Apple for something a bit more dramatic for Microsoft users as a whole as opposed to simply the Windows platform.

Redmond, as usual, has no comment which shouldn’t surprise anyone. After taking heat for the lack of innovation in the Windows 8.1 update, Threshold will need to deliver the goods for consumers frustrated by Microsoft’s lack of support and development. Windows 8.1 fundamentally changed the OS and evolved it for the future, but it left behind many users who thought the jump was too much at one time.

Rumors have circulated since the Windows 8.1 launch that Windows 8.2 may be available as soon as the beginning of summer 2014. While Microsoft made a big deal about the Windows 8.1 upgrade – which, in fact, was a big update to the OS – Windows 8.2 will improve upon and fix issues with Windows 8.1 and perhaps even add back more functionality to the Start Button that users have craved desperately.

Will Windows 8.2 be able to fix some of the issues driving consumers to other OS platforms? That’s a rumor for another post. For now, the Threshold update to major Microsoft platforms looks like it will finally be able to bring together the rapid, annual release cycle Microsoft has craved to compete with Apple.


What can we expect from Threshold? Who knows? Microsoft has over a year to develop, test and phase in much-needed updates to Windows 8.1. Consumers will no doubt begin throwing suggestions left and right to Microsoft now, hoping that a little bit of Windows’ past will be integrated into the Windows of the future. The ultimate goal seems to be the unification and integration of various Windows platforms under one system.

What do you want to see in Windows Threshold? Comment below and let us know!