A beta version of YouTube from Google, YouTube Feather Beta is just the thing for anyone easily distracted when using YouTube or if they miss the “old school” feel of YouTube. It’s a cinch to opt-in and opt-out, and you can always switch back to the original version of YouTube if you don’t like it. It has been around for a while, but not many people are aware of it. So we decided to let our readers know what exactly it is all about.

Anyone with low-bandwidth will also relish in this beta. Less ads, no comments and more, this is basically a pared-down version of YouTube. Videos will load nearly twice as fast too, as long as you don’t mind a smaller video size. Our guide will outline everything you need to know about YouTube Feather Beta.


To try out YouTube Feather Beta, all you have to do is visit this URL within YouTube and make sure you are signed into your usual YouTube account. This is the official page for “Feather” Beta.

Click the blue “Join the ‘Feather’ Beta” to opt-in.


After clicking the button, you are instantly opted-in, and the button will change from blue to black and read, “Leave the ‘Feather’ Beta.” Anytime you would like to switch back to the regular version of YouTube, just click this button.


How It’s Different

Right away you’ll notice several differences between YouTube Feather Beta and the regular version of YouTube. The information panel, share button, video responses, votes for each comment and likes and dislikes are removed, as well as the option to add a video to a playlist. Most related videos are also removed, making it a lot easier to focus on what you’re watching.

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the same video in YouTube Feather Beta and regular YouTube to see the differences.

Video in the regular version of YouTube:



The same video in YouTube Feather Beta:


The medium-sized player option is also removed in YouTube Feather Beta, and if you’re using Chromecast, you will need to enable the regular version of YouTube for streaming to your TV to work.

Also when viewing a video in YouTube Feather Beta a light blue box with the text, “You are viewing this on a lightweight version of the video page. Go back to the regular video page?” will always be in the lower right hand corner of your screen, where you can click “Just this once?” or “Permanently.”


This gives you an option to participate in the comments or use other hidden features instantly for a particular video. Pretty neat, I’d say.


This lightweight version of YouTube will definitely appeal to super-users who know exactly what they want – the video in question and no extra fluff. It’s a breath of fresh air without question, with the ability to opt in and out by just by clicking a button makes it a must-try.

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