Windows 8 concept logoWindows’ taskbar can display only the information available on a single display, therefore if users connect two or more monitors to the same processing unit, each monitor will display different information, specific to the respective monitor.

This can become quite frustrating sometimes since users have to move from one monitor to the other in order to access the information they need. Microsoft has decided to fix this functionality limitation and enable multi-screen taskbar features in its upcoming Windows 8 user interface, rumors suggest.

The Multi Screen Taskbar in Windows 8:

The tech giant had suggested it could bring a multi-screen taskbar three years ago, when the company introduced Windows 7’s taskbar at the PDC presentation: “Hopefully in Windows 8, we can actually get around doing a proper implementation of the multi-monitor taskbar.” The company has not confirmed if the multi-screen taskbar will indeed be integrated in Windows 8, nor has it revealed further details on the taskbar’s functionality and capabilities yet.

Multi Screen Taskbar for Windows

Microsoft boasted about Windows 7’s taskbar and nicknamed it „the Superbar”, but its user interface is unable to recognize and deal with additional monitors. The user interface of Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Vista does not allow the main monitor to create a single multi-screen taskbar that could integrate all the features found on secondary monitors.

Microsoft is planning to enable a multi-screen taskbar in its upcoming Windows 8 that will not only be displayed on the main monitor alone, but on all the monitors connected to the processing unit, IT World informs.

Multi Taskbar Settings

In other words, there is no need for users to switch from one screen to the other thanks to a new Group Policy Setting. There is an option in the Group Policy setting that reads: “Do not allow taskbar on more than one display”, which means the multi-screen taskbar could be disabled by default.

If users enable this setting, they will not be able to show taskbars on more than one display. The multiple display section will not be enabled in the taskbar properties dialog, further informs Microsoft in its new Group Policy setting. However, the Taskbar Properties section could bring a  “Multiple Display” option and users could activate the feature from there.

Microsoft should have integrated its multi-screen taskbar in its Windows system a long time ago, but it is good they have eventually done this, probably because of the complaints of multi-screen users. Perhaps Microsoft will unveil all this mystery around the multi-screen taskbar of Windows 8 and provide us with more details at the upcoming BUILD conference scheduled to start in September.