One of the major points of focus that was evident at the International CES was the attempt to make your smartphone last through the day or even longer. One solution could be like the one taken by OEM Huawei who have introduced the Ascend Mate2, a phone with a huge battery capacity and extended battery life. Others could be to carry a portable battery charging solutions or even your charger would do.

What if you often forget your phone charger at home and need to charge it or it wouldn’t last the day. Unfortunately, the unique charging mechanism used by Apple for its devices means that the chargers for other devices cannot be used for Apple devices. If you forget your charger, it is possible that you will have to manage with whatever juice your phone currently has. That’s why I think that Prong is right to come up with a product that solves a problem.

The iPhone Case With a Charger

Prong’s PocketPlug case was one of the unique cases that I came across at CES 2014. As I stated earlier, there is, possibly, an actual problem that this case strives to solve. With the Prong case, you always have your charger with you.

There is no worry of not having a charger as long as you have a power socket to plug the charger in.


The PocketPlug is designed with high-grade polycarbonate with a soft-touch rubber finish. There are two prongs on the lower backside of the case that are in the retracted state by default. Pull on anyone, and both the prongs stick out of the case to act as the charger connector pins.

The case is simple, smooth and fits snugly in the hand. The rubber finish helps to give good grip on the phone. Depending on the device, the cases can come in black, white, red, blue and pink.

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The PocketPlug case is available for both iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 devices. It is slated to be released for the Samsung Galaxy SIII smartphone. It is also an Apple MFi approved product, so you can rest assured about its quality.

The case also comes with a MicroUSB port to enable you to charge via USB. The charger package would have a MicroUSB cable with the case. The cases retail at $59.95. You can get them from GoProng.

Talking with Prong’s staff at the booth, they told me that they do not currently plan to design such as a case for the iPad. They were of the opinion that need of tablet charging is often not as urgent as that of a phone, and I mostly agree with that. So, for now, at least, the PocketPlug charger is available only for iPhone 4/4S and 5/5S.

PocketPlug is a Utility Case

We defined the classification for smartphone cases before starting with this series of articles exploring a variety of cases. Amongst those, there is Utility, and PocketPlug is surely in that category.

Utility: Prong’s PocketPlug is a case attempting to solve the problem of the forgotten charger. That certainly deserves the rating of Highly Useful.

Protection: With a slightly thick polycarbonate casing and the rubber finish for good grip, the case should give adequate protection against bumps and drops as well. Thus it can be said to offer a Good Protection.

Look and Feel: The case fits snugly in the hand and does not slip out easily. You even have a limited choice of colors to choose from. That does add to its looks. I’ll say it’s pretty Cool.

Final Thoughts

Prong’s PocketPlug case can be very useful to those who have to spend long hours at the office or anywhere away from home. Even for those on the move, this is an excellent option as they can plug in the phone at any time whenever they have access to a wall socket. Keep your phone alive all the time. Try PocketPlug.