Control Center is a feature introduced in iOS 7 that makes controlling your device quick and easy. You can turn system switches on and off, like Wi-Fi, launch common apps, like Calculator, and control your music – all from one screen.

Below is a look at the Control Center settings, toggles, and QuickLaunch items as well as some nice tweaks you can grab if you’ve jailbroken iOS 7.

What All the Control Center Can Do

As you see here, the Control Center can be opened anywhere – either on the lock screen or home screen, and also within apps as stated above.


The top layer of the Control Center has a list of what’s called toggles. These include the following, from left to right: Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Do Not Disturb, and Orientation Lock. Tapping any of these toggles them on or off.

Below the toggles are controls for brightness and music, respectively. You can even start your music library from here by clicking the play button. If you tap on the playing song, you’ll be taken to the source of the music, like Pandora or the Music app – whatever is playing.

QuickLaunch is the last section of the Control Center, where you’ll find shortcuts to what Apple finds to be commonly used apps. The order goes as such: Torch, Clock, Calculator, and Camera. These apps can be launched wherever Control Center can be viewed, so you can open the Calculator app from the lock screen, for example.

Enable/Disable the iOS 7 Control Center

Open the Control Center options from the “Settings” app. As stated there, the Control Center is launched by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. By default, the Control Center is enabled for use both on the lock screen as well as while an app is open, and always activated from the home screen.

Disable in-app or lock screen Control Center access from the settings. Opening the Control Center from the home screen is a permanent feature that you can’t disable from the settings.


Cydia Control Center Tweaks

Control Center is a prime candidate for tweaks on jailbroken iOS 7 devices. It’s quick access from anywhere is perfect to add custom apps and toggles. If your iOS 7 device is jailbroken, consider checking out the following tweaks:

  • CCHide: Change what Control Center items are displayed. You can even automatically hide the music controls if no music is playing, but display it when it is.
  • CCLoader: Reorder Control Center items and remove separator lines between controls.
  • CCToggles: Customize many aspects of the Control Center, like what apps are shown on the QuickLaunch bar. You can even add custom ones like Mail, BBM, etc., but also others like KillAllApps (shuts down all running apps at once), Siri, and LastApp (launches the last opened app). You can also restrict QuickLaunch apps when they’re opened from the lock screen and choose how many apps can be shown on the QuickLaunch bar (instead of just four). CCToggles can also manage the list of toggles to include ones like vibration, ringer, power off, VPN, respring, and mute.

I’ve tried all three of these tweaks and made some changes to my iPhone. Here’s what my Control Center looks like after the Cydia tweaks have been applied:



Especially if you have a jailbroken device, Control Center is really an awesome feature. But even for those of us that are using the default settings and controls, it’s a wonderful way to control important toggles like data connections. The torch option is extremely handy – I actually use it rather often.

If you’ve found any additional tweaks or interesting ways to use Control Center, let us know in the comments.