Third-party builds of Firefox such as CyberFox and Waterfox have been around for years now, offering unique versions of the browser. But none has returned the oomph of Phoenix, the original version of Firefox, which was known for being zippy fast.

A new build however called lightfirefox (v26), or just Firefox Light, is changing all that, bringing back the super fast Firefox we miss. Created by removing specific components to increase its speed, Light is guaranteed to be the fastest version of Firefox you’ll ever use. Sounds too good to be true, but it’s not.

In this article we’ve outlined everything you need to know about the Firefox Light version.

Note: This is not an official Mozilla release. It’s a browser created by a third party based on original Firefox framework.

Installing Firefox Light

To download this latest, lighter build of Firefox, you’ll need to go direct to the third-party developer’s page and add the .exe file to your Google Drive account, which can be found in Google Code here. Once here, click on the “download” link in the middle of the page.


After clicking the link, a page will load with several download links. Just click the first folder labeled “ICC,” and then click the “classic theme” folder that loads on the next page.


After selecting the “classic” version folder, click either the 32-bit or 64-bit version depending on your computer.


When you click the version that’s best for computer, a blue download link will appear, and the screen will darken. Just click “Download” to save light Firefox directly to your Google Drive account.


To finish things up, click “Save File” to download Light onto your hard drive. After saving the software, go ahead and install it too by following the install prompts.


What’s Missing, What’s Included

When you first load Firefox Light, you’ll notice right away it also looks very similar to the original Firefox. But don’t be fooled. The developers, as stated above, have removed several features to make this lighter version of Firefox load much faster. For anyone with a slower computer, this is the browser to get.


The features that have been removed are the following: Developer tools, Spell Checker, Firefox syncing, accessibility features and the ability to print directly from the browser. Some of the back-end components, such as WebGL, WebRTC, support for webm and opus were as well.


If the missing features don’t limit your personal web browsing experience, switching over to Light will definitely make you a happy camper if you want to surf faster. It just zooms along, making you forget the now-bloated original version of Firefox. Oh happy day.

Note: You will need to update this software manually, so make sure to check the developer’s site periodically for new updates.

Check it out: lightforfirefox

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