Smartphone cases come in all kinds of looks and materials, and serve varied purposes. As we started exploring the huge and varied world of smartphone cases, we came across cases that are good-looking, protective, or fulfill a unique purpose. There are few that score well in all the three areas and ElementCase is one of the brand that does so consistently.

ElementCase is one of the well known brands of accessories for smartphones, specially for iPhones. They have a good range of cases, spread across a pretty wide price band. They announced the Ducati branded cases at CES and that is a testament to the quality of products that these guys make. Here we take a thorough look at ElementCase Rogue case, from the Hogue series.

The Rogue Case for iPhone 5

Holding the Rogue case gives an immediate feel of ruggedness. The case is made of polycarbonate polymers reinforced on the sides by aluminum rails. The design is very compact and feels solid in the hand.


Once put on, the case provides solid protection to the back and sides of the phone. Even on the front, the case frame rises a fair margin above the phone screen from all sides, thus giving the screen impact protection from most falls.


The case fits snugly on the phone, though the process of putting it on is not so straightforward. To insert the phone into the frame, you have to remove the corner pegs first, followed by the side rails and the back cover.

When you are doing so, do not forget to keep and place the piece that fits over the silent switch. It is very easy to forget to do so, and then this switch would be difficult to reach once the cover is put on.


The Case Components

The case itself can be broken down into the various components that I mentioned above. Besides that, the case comes with a belt clip that can also act as a viewing stand. Also included in the package is a tactical phone carrying pouch and some extra fittings for the phone case. These would be highly useful in case you happen to lose any of the small, loose parts.


How Well Does the Case Fare

We take an objective look at the cases that we review and have defined how we classify the cases. As per this criteria, the Rogue case is definitely a protective case and it is quite hardcore. It is sure to offer very good protection against impacts and bruises. 

ElementCase has a wide range of choice in smartphone cases , and they can be customized too. As for this case, I personally like the look and feel of this case. It feels solid and rugged in the hand, while not being bulky or ugly. I would say that it is beautiful case, specially since you have the options to customize and get the case as you like it.


The utility factor of this case goes up due to the additional components that come with the case. This includes the spare case parts, the belt clip holder/stand and the carry pouch. This makes the case versatile, and usable for several various purposes, taking its utility raking to highly useful.

Should You Buy An ElementCase Rogue Case?

The ElementCase Rogue case is the first case to get good ratings in all the three areas that matter. It is a no-brainer that we highly recommend a case from the ElementCase range. Before you buy it though, you should know about the price range for the cases.

The cases vary from $50 to over $200 in price, so depending on what you like, you might find the price to be quite expensive. The products are of premium quality though, and often command the price they ask for. Customize the case to your liking, and you would certainly not be disappointed.

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