Many people don’t realize the typical pair of headphones no matter what you use them for – work, music or media – are ripe for the modifying. There are dozens of mods available for specific headphone models, and there are several DIY (Do It Yourself) mods applicable to any headphone.

In this post we will be covering DIY tricks anyone can do to any headphone. Whether you have an expensive pair of headphones but desperately need them sound proofed for a flight or if you want a crisper bass sound for all frequency levels, our DIY mods can help.

In this article we outline 5 DIY tricks to enhance your headphones.

5. Over-the-Ear Headphones Using Twist Ties

If you’re a runner, a jogger or even a power walker, chances are your headphones have problems staying in place. An easy and free modification you can do to a simple pair of ear buds to help them stay in place is by adding a twist-tie to each, carefully tying it to the back of the ear bud and then arched to fit over your ear.

For this to work, make sure to twist each tie as tightly as you can onto the ear bud. For more information about how to modify your headphones, check out Lifehackers’ guide here.


4. Add Velour Pads for Improved Feel and Sound

If you have inexpensive headphones, chances are they are not the most comfortable things in the world. Many come with faux leather, which is uncomfortable and will muffle the sound. One of the easiest modifications out there is to buy velour ear pads for your headphones. You can buy them at dozens of places online, and they fit all headphones sizes.

To replace your headphone’s ear pads with velour ear pads, just pull off your current ear pads. If that is not possible, you can use a screwdriver to remove them.


3. Create Sound Proof Headphones Using Earplugs

If you are suddenly in need of sound proof headphones, one of the easiest ways to make a pair on the fly is using a pair of in-ear headphones and a pair of foam earplugs.

To make this modification, squish the foam earplug into a pancake and then use a mechanical pen to poke a hole through it so sound can come out. After that, just push the earplug over the in-ear ear bud, and you can begin using them.


2. Make Your Headphones Wireless Using a Bluetooth Device

If you’d rather not plug your headphones into your computer or your phone, you can make them semi-wireless by using a Bluetooth-enabled device along with a Jabra Clipper. What you do is first plug your headphones into the Jabra Clipper, then plug that into the Bluetooth device.

After connecting them, make sure to go into the “Settings” menu in your Bluetooth device to make sure it’s recognized your headphones. For a more thorough explanation on how this is done, watch this video.


1. Enhance Bass from the Control Panel

For one of the easiest mods you can do now without having to buy a thing, you can change a setting in the Control Panel to make your headphones sound better, specifically to enhance the bass.

To do this mod, first go to the “Control Panel,” then click on “Hardware and Sound.”


From here, click the section titled “Sound,” and the dialog window for modifying the headphones will appear. The “Playback” tab will open first, and it is here where you will find your headphones listed.

Right-click your headphones and select “Properties” to start modifying them.


In the next window that loads, click the “Enhancement” tab, then click the box next to “Bass Boost” on the next page. Clicking this will make lower bass frequencies sound more powerful through your headphones.

Make sure to click “Apply” to save the changes.



The above modifications are some of the easiest out there, and will certainly help improve any pair of headphones. Remember however that if you do modify your headphones you may void any warranty you may have. If possible, try to only modify more inexpensive headphones to avoid any regrets.

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