PDF files are more popular than ever, being used by professors and students to corporations and professionals alike. They look sleek and are a great way to display your information, but one of their biggest drawbacks – they’re not the most editable. In fact, most PDF files cannot be changed.

There is a workaround, however, available for this problem, and that is the software Convertii. This web service transforms PDF files into Word documents, finally making them editable so you can create the exact file you need. Even better, it works online and works quickly, sending you your converted file by e-mail. You can also set it up so it’s integrated with your Dropbox account, making it even easier to transform PDF files.

Our guide will outline how to automatically convert a PDF file into a Word document in Dropbox using Convertii.

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Converting PDF files in Convertii

Before integrating Convertii with your Dropbox account, it’s a good idea to become comfortable using Convertii by itself. To start using it, go to the main page for Convertii and you will see a form in the middle of the page. This is where you can drag and drop your PDF files to convert them into a Word file.


After adding the PDF file you’d like to convert, enter your email address and then click “Convert.” This will send your PDF file to Convertii, who will then convert your PDF file into a handy Word document. You should receive an email from them along with your converted document within a few minutes.


After clicking “Convert,” a “Thank you” dialog window will appear letting you know they received your document successfully, as well as how many PDF conversions you have left as a guest before having to register.

As a guest, you’re allotted three conversions, but after those, you must register, which is free at least.


Next, just check your inbox for the link to the converted file. They also send a link so you can download it directly from their site as well. Make sure to click “Download File” in the email to grab the converted file.


After clicking “Download file,” a new tab will open in your browser where you can download the file.


And finally, after downloading the converted file to your PC, open the shiny new Word file to make sure everything looks good.


Auto-Converting PDF files in Dropbox

While it’s pretty easy to convert PDF files directly in Convertii, you can also integrate Dropbox, an online storage space for your files, and just link it to Convertii. Doing so takes only a couple minutes too.

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If you would like to see this in action, you first need to sign up for a free Convertii account. Once you sign up, you need to link your account to Dropbox. To do this, register an account in Dropbox. After doing so, you will see a link in the middle of the page to link your account.


After clicking the link, you’ll see this graphic on how it is done. Make sure to click, “Connect to Dropbox” and follow the prompts, clicking “Allow” on the next page


When it’s completed, you will see a success message letting you know that the link-up has been a success, as well as a link to how you can instantly convert PDF files by simply dropping them in the new Dropbox folder – “PDF2Word.” When you drop the PDF file into this space, it will begin converting right away, with you receiving an e-mail confirmation as well.


This is what the Convertii folder in your Dropbox account will look like, with all the available Dropbox options available.



It’s great that such a fine piece of software for converting PDF files into Word documents finally exists. Not only is Convertii free, it works seamlessly and quickly, making it a tool we highly recommend. There may have been similar programs in the past, but the Convertii + Dropbox link-up stands as one of the best out there for PDF into Word document conversion.

Check out: Convertii

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