Email is without question one of the most popular forms of communications today. However more people than ever before are concerned about their privacy when emailing. They’re also looking for a more streamlined way to email a lot of people.

If you are someone who emails frequently, or are an entrepreneur, salesperson or a job-seeker, look no further than the one of the most popular and well-reviewed apps for Chrome – mxHero Toolbox.This e-mail app made specifically for Gmail includes several privacy features, as well as some interesting productivity apps.

Our guide will outline the features of mxHero Toolbox extension and show you how useful it can be.

Install mxHero Toolbox

To start using the mxHero Toolbox app, you will need to install it into your version of Chrome. To get this extension, go to the official download page for the app here in the Chrome Web Store here and click the blue “Free” button in the top right corner of the download page.

After clicking, follow the installation prompts.


When mxHero Toolbox is installed, a new tab will open automatically to your Gmail account so you can view this extension’s features.

Using mxHero Toolbox

When first using mxHero Toolbox, you’ll notice how the yellow button/icon representing the software is seamlessly integrated into Gmail. It almost looks like it came standard.

To view this app in Gmail, click to “Compose” a new message in Gmail, and you’ll see a yellow square button with an icon of a person in a circle, in the bottom left-hand corner of the “New Message” field.


After you’re finished composing a new message in Gmail, click on the yellow icon for mxHero to bring up its much ballyhooed features. They will appear in a separate dialog box, which you can add to your emails were sending.


In the “mxHero Toolbox beta” window that loads, you have four different features to choose from. You can select “Total Track,” which tracks how many times the URL links in an email you sent or when the download you sent were accessed.

Meanwhile “Self Destruct” will make your email unreadable 5 minutes after it was read.


Otherwise you can select “Private Delivery,” which lets you send an email to several recipients without letting them know that it was a bulk e-mail. Quite ingenious, this feature.

Also, you can set up an email to be sent at a later time, which is a great feature for the busy individual. You can only delay e-mail up to a month however.


And last but not least, if you like to know when an e-mail you sent has been read, you can select “ReplyTimeOut” at the bottom of the list, which will let you know when an e-mail hasn’t been answered, and instead has been stored away


It’s not very often an app for Chrome is so widely accepted, and this one is certainly one of the best. Offering Gmail users one of the easiest and best ways to get extended privacy features and more control of the emails they send, mxHero Toolbox is certainly one of the more important email apps to consider.

Check it out: mxHero Toolbox

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