Google, already known for its built-in search shortcuts that let you find everything from showtimes to flight times right in its powerful search engine, has recently added its latest search shortcut destined to become one of its more popular shortcuts – the ability to find a segmented version of a restaurant’s menu directly in Google.

Yes, that’s right. A few days back Google announced via their Google+ channel this latest addition to their search shortcuts. Fans of Google are pretty happy about this nifty search tool, but it’s currently only available in the United States. Many restaurants still need to be added to Google’s menu search, so definitely keep this in mind as you peruse this latest search shortcut from Google.

In this guide we have outlined how to find restaurant menus using Google Search.

First Look at the Google Menu Search

To access the menu search function in Google, all you need to do is type the following into the search field, “show me the menu for [restaurant].” Putting quotes around “show me the menu for” isn’t necessary however as long as you insert a restaurant at the end of the phrase.


The Menu Layout

With any luck, the menu of the restaurant you entered has been added to Google’s collection of online menus (done so for better easier access). If it was added, the menu will show up first at the top of the results, with the additional links shown for the restaurant directly below.


When looking at the menu a bit closer, you’ll notice Google has partitioned the menu into sections to help you more easily find whatever food item on their menu you’re looking for.

There will also be a section titled, “At a Glance” which will give a basic explanation of the restaurant.


When you click on an individual section of the menu, such as “Meats,” you’ll see a thorough list of everything included on the menu for that particular section. The same goes for other sections like “Side Dishes” and “Desserts.”



Any restaurants who’ve recently made changes to their menu are sure to fall in love with Google’s new menu search tool, as are customers, as this search tool for menus, becomes more widespread. It’s destined to be the next big thing in Google, but remember to be patient as restaurants are slowly added.That part will take the longest, but the wait, in the end, will produce a great online collection without question..

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