Finally, the perfect Chrome extension for extraordinarily busy Facebookers has arrived. If you love what your friends post but don’t have time to read it as it’s posted, Facebook Favorite is the extension that lets you save their posts for later.

While there are other ways this could be done, for example briefly looking at the post and then bookmarking it with your browser, this can take too much time, especially if you’re doing this with multiple posts. By using Facebook Favorite, it adds a “Favorite” option right next to “Like” and “Share” letting you quickly save the post.

Our guide will outline how to use Facebook Favorites to save posts for later, so you never again have to lose track of posts you wanted to check out.

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Save Facebook Favorites For Later

The good news is that Facebook Favorite is a lightweight extension for Chrome and it’s absolutely free. You can install the extension by getting it from the Chrome Web Store here.

It’s a supremely easy extension to install. Just click the blue “Free” button on the download page, follow the prompts and it will install in seconds.


After it’s installed, a star icon with the letter “F” will appear in the top-right corner of Chrome. This is the icon you will click when you want to read the Facebook posts you’ve saved.


How to “Favorite” Posts

Using this extension is as easy as installing it. After it’s installed, go ahead and refresh your Facebook News feed. You should now see a “Favorite” link next to “Like” and “Share” in every post in your feed.


When you click “Favorite,” it will change to “Saved” so you know it’s been saved successfully to Facebook Favorites, which is essentially saving the posts in the cache of your Chrome browser.


When you’re ready to view the posts you’ve saved, click the icon for Facebook Favorite in your browser and a new tab will automatically load, neatly displaying your saved posts in a basic list.


If you use Pocket, there is a link in each post in the top-right corner of the save that will send the post directly to your Pocket account.


Also, there’s a handy search tool in the top-left corner of the list page, so you can quickly find the Facebook post you want to read.

There’s also a “Clear Cache” button that will delete all the posts you saved, as well as a “Full Feeds” button which will change the view of your Facebook saves to a more Pinterest-type view.


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Facebook Favorite does a solid job of helping keep track of all the great things your friends have to say and share on Facebook. Please note however that posts from businesses cannot be favorite-ed, which seems rather odd to us. Hopefully, this glitch will be remedied soon, as users should have the option to save anything.

Update: This extension is not available on Chrome Store. An alternative link is given below.

Check it out: Save to Facebook

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