Chrome Frame  IntroGoogle Chrome revolutionized the way users browsed the Internet. Chrome utilizes the WebKit engine. This particular web engine allows Chrome to take the latest web technologies and display them quicker than most other browsers.

Chrome is presently the third most used web browser, just behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox. Chrome has rapidly grown in use since its 2008 release and continues to give Firefox a run for its money.

If you are interested you can check the growth and market share stats for IE Vs Chrome Vs Firefox here.

What is Google Chrome Frame?

Google Chrome Frame is an add-on for Internet Explorer. It is an open source plug-in that allows those utilizing it to give IE the power to use Chrome’s open web technology. It also takes advantage of Chrome’s JavaScript engine. As long as a web site you are visiting has opted to use the Google Chrome format, you can take see the difference when using the Google Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer. This gives you the opportunity to get the absolute most of the world wide web as opposed to being left behind in a browser that may not be able to render the latest open web technology.

The latest version of Google Chrome Frame allows you to turn Internet Explorer into something more without being logged in as the administrator on the computer. This means if you are working at your office, daydreaming of surfing the web on Google Chrome, you now can.

Google Chrome Frame gives you the best features of Chrome in Internet Explorer. It is simple to install, takes up few system resources and you will be able to use the two features Chrome offers that Internet Explorer does not no matter what PC you are on during the day.

How to turn Internet Explorer into Chrome

Google Chrome Frame can be used with Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8 and 9. As long as you have Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows Vista or Windows 7 installed, you can install Chrome Frame.

If you want to install Google Chrome Frame in Windows 7, you want to visit its website. From there, you can click on the “Get Google Chrome Frame” button to begin the installation process.

chrome frame - get it (1)

Next, you will be directed to a disclaimer about Chrome Frame. You want to read through the entire disclaimer before opting in. You can also decide if you want to report data to Google’s developers to help make Chrome Frame even better. Once you have read through and decided to opt in or out, hit “Accept and Install” to continue.

chrome frame - disclaimer (2)

If a pop-up does not appear in a few seconds, click on the link on the page that says “If you are having trouble with the download, click here.”

chrome frame - during install (4)

Otherwise, a pop-up will appear that downloads and installs Chrome Frame for you.

chrome frame - downloading (3)

You simply have to wait for it to complete. There are no complicated installation instructions to follow.

chrome frame - install finished (5)

You should to restart Internet Explorer now.

When Internet Explorer is opened again, it will now be running with Google Chrome Frame enabled. In order to make sure the installation was successful, you want to click on the Tools button or click Alt + X to open the menu.

chrome frame - tools (6)

From here, you want to navigate to “Manage add-ons.”

chrome frame - manage add-ons (7)

You will see four different types of add-ons to manage. You want to highlight “Toolbars and Extensions.” This will bring up the entire list of add-ons that work with the toolbars in Internet Explorer and add additional functions.

chrome frame - add-on types (8)

You will scroll down the list until you see the Google, Inc. header. This is where the Google Chrome Frame plug-in is located, along with the Google Update which automatically updates Frame for you. There are two Google Chrome Frame additions; both are required to run Google Chrome Frame.

chrome frame - google chrome frame (9)

If you right-click on Chrome Frame, you will be able to see the options given to control the add-on by clicking on “More information.”

chrome frame - right click (10)

From here, you can see what sites will be affected by Google Chrome Frame, when it was installed and other information about the add-on. Google Chrome Frame by default is set up to interact with all sites on the Internet.

chrome frame - options (11)

How to uninstall Google Chrome Frame

Some add-ons can be uninstalled from the control panel in a browser. For Google Chrome Frame, if you opt to uninstall it, you will have to do so from the “Add or Remove Programs” section of your computer.

In Windows 7, navigate to your Control Panel. You want to go to the header “Programs,” then click on “Uninstall a program.”

chrome frame - install (12)

From there, you want to scroll down until you see the Google Chrome Frame entry. Right click for the “Uninstall” option.

chrome frame - uninstall (13)

Once it has finished uninstalling, you will have to restart your computer to complete the entire process of removing Google Chrome Frame from your system.

chrome frame - uninstall (14)

Conclusion – Is it worth turning IE into Google Chrome?

If Google Chrome is your browser of choice and you are being forced to use Internet Explorer at the office, Google Chrome Frame gives you the two best features of Chrome in a simple add-on you can install without administrator rights. As long as the computer meets the system requirements, you can take advantage of the two features of Google Chrome that make it work better than its competitors.

This plug-in takes up little system resources, and you will not even notice it in the background as you are using Internet Explorer and visiting web site that are using the latest in web technologies.

Download Google Chrome Frame.