It’s happened to every one of us. We’ve been out and about, enjoying life, when our phone dies. We want to take photos, we want to update our social media and we want to stay connected. What do we do?

With the Nomad ChargeCard, you can keep a handy charger in your wallet no bigger than your credit card. Let’s take a look at whether the ChargeCard is a good investment to keep you charged on the go.

A Brief Introduction to Nomad

Nomad is a unique company. Their mission is to change our lives to be more minimal. By offering products that fit the lifestyles of those on the go, it’s easier to stay connected. The ChargeCard and ChargeKey are only the starts of what Nomad to offer.

Why I Chose the ChargeCard

We previously took a look at the ChargeKey and its utility. For me, I already have too many keys and discount cards on my key chain. Everywhere I go, I have my wallet. That, too, is full but there’s plenty of room for more credit card-sized items, like the ChargeCard.

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Nomad ChargeCard

The Nomad ChargeCard comes in two versions: One for the iPhone and one with micro USB for us Android users. I’ll be using the latter.

The ChargeCard is roughly the same size of a standard credit card.


It’s lightweight, made of plastic and offers a bendable USB connection so you can plug it into a power supply. This can be your computer or a charger, whatever is more convenient. Chances are it’ll be your computer.

Since the USB portion is bendable, you can find creative ways in small spaces to charge your phone or tablet. It takes some time getting used to the fact that it bends, so don’t be afraid you’ll break it.


In my experience, the ChargeCard charges as if it was a regular, run of the mill phone charger. I didn’t have any issues with my phone or tablet when charging it on the go.


Keep in mind that when you charge a mobile device via computer as opposed to directly from the wall, it does charge slower. If you need a quick charge on the go, the ChargeCard will work if you have the time to spare to charge your phone or mobile enough.

Should You Buy a ChargeCard?

The Nomad ChargeCard is a great utility to carry around with you. Chargers are bulky and cumbersome. They’re not always practical as they’re designed now. The ChargeCard and its companion the ChargeKey are an easy way to have a small charger with you wherever you go.

If you’re looking for a quick way to carry a charger with you on the go, look at the ChargeCard and see what it can do for you, especially when space is an issue.

Buy a ChargeCard.

Disclaimer: The above company sent me the product reviewed in this blog. However, that has not swayed my opinion of their product one way or another.
has not swayed my opinion of their product one way or another.