The Internet never ceases to be a shady place. Don’t get us wrong, we love the Internet, but it’s always good to be careful. Case in point – the Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL – a bug that affected major sites like Yahoo and Flickr among many others. This was discovered less than a month ago and it’s already compromised over 66% of the Internet.

While most sites have driven back this vulnerability from whence it came, there are still sites out there affected by Heartbleed, and the last thing you want is your payment information, passwords or anything other personal information you send via SSL swiped by hackers.

This is why getting Chromebleed, an extension for Chrome is very much in the interest of anyone who uses the internet often, as it alerts users if a website has been affected by Heartbleed the moment you arrive. Learn how to use Chromebleed to check for the Heartbleed vulnerability on any website.

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Get Chromebleed

Before doing anything with the Chromebleed extension, adding it to Chrome, of course, is required, and you’ll want to go to the download page in the Chrome Web Store to install it. Once you’ve installed it, you should now see a “dripping blood heart icon” in the top right toolbar of Chrome representing Chromebleed.


As you can see when you “left-click the heart,” a dialog box will pop-up that explains Chromebleed is running in the background.

Using Chromebleed

Like all apps made as a timely response to an issue, this app too has some glitches. Some users have reported that the notifications Chromebleed is supposed to deliver never came. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, after installing adjust a few settings in Notifications.

To get to the Notification Options area for this app, “right-click the bleeding heart icon” for Chromebleed, then select “Options.”


When you select “Options,” the area will open in a new tab in Chrome and it is here where you can click the box “Show All Notifications” to ensure the notifications this app is supposed to deliver are shown.

Show all notifications in Chromebleed.

As you surf the web, pop-up notifications will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your browser and will stay on your screen until you click them. Also, as you can see the image below, Chromebleed will let you know exactly the site’s status, whether it’s completely safe, filtered or just seemingly ok.

The color of the heart will change from green to red to the more at risk a site is.

Pop-up notifications in browser.


For anyone concerned about the Heartbleed bug, installing this extension is a must. It will even alert you to sites still affected by Heartbleed directly in Google search so you can avoid visiting the site altogether.

Also, for any Firefox users interested in protecting themselves from the Heartbleed bug, check out the Heartbleed-Ext app.

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