Google Buzz Logo When Google Buzz was launched, unlike some other services from Google, it wasn’t an invite-only service. Google took the bold step of integrating it right into Gmail, which is one of their most popular online services. However, not testing out the product initially with beta testers, left some shortcomings in the service.

Gmail is basically an email service, and when people started using Buzz, every new update from Buzz was flooding the inbox, and that was really irritating for many people. Taking a note from this issue, Google quickly provided options in the Buzz settings to filter out the Buzz updates from your inbox.

You can access these setting by clicking on settings options on top right corner and clicking on Buzz, which is currently the last tab and it would show you the options to disable Buzz Updates from coming to your Inbox.

Options for Regulating Buzz Updates Coming in the Inbox

You can select which Buzz updates reach your Inbox by selecting the appropriate options above.

I prefer to get these updates, Just not in my Inbox:

What if you would like to get notified about all or any of the above Buzz updates and still would not want them cluttering your Inbox? In that case, we can create a Gmail Filter that would remove the updates from the Inbox and instead update just the label.

Create a New filter called “label:buzz”

Click on Create a Filter link just next to the search box

Create a Filter for Buzz Updates

Once the Filter screen comes up, enter label:buzz in the text box as shown below.

Name the Buzz Filter - Anything Except Buzz

You can test this search, by clicking on “Test Search” button and you would see a list of your Buzz notifications from your Inbox. Once you are sure that the updates are showing up, click on “next step” button.

Warning Regarding Label Buzz - Dont Worry It Works

You would get a small warning box telling you using label parameter isn’t recommended, but don’t worry it works just fine.

Apply The Desired Label

On this next window, select the option to “skip the inbox” and select any appropriate label by checking the fourth checkbox – “Apply The Label”. These options would avoid the Buzz updates from showing up in the Gmail Inbox and instead show them on the label on the left sidebar.

My Buzz Updates Filter

As you can see in the Buzz updates are now delivered in the “My Buzz” Label and skip the inbox completely. So my Inbox isn’t cluttered, but I can see how many notifications for Google Buzz have come up since the last time I checked.

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