Online marketplaces should really give an easier access to applications that users have already purchased. There was a time when Google Play gave the users an option to see the purchased apps. Now that the option is no longer there, you need an app to track all the apps that you may have ever purchased.

That’s where My Purchases comes in the picture.

Track Your Purchased Apps

My Purchases is a simple application that lists down all the applications that you have purchased from the Play Store. Once you run the application, it tries to connect to the Google account you are using on the device.

If you are not using any, or want to use another, you would have to enter it separately. The app asks for permission to access your data on that account. Grant the permission and hold on while it fetches the data about your purchased apps.


Once the data loads, all the apps you ever purchased are listed down, with the latest purchase at the top. Tapping on the app takes you to the app URL in Play Store or a browser.

Along with the app name, there is information about the date of purchase and the price. Apps and games titles are green in color while the movies are red. I suppose, going by the color code, that books would be shown in blue.


You can hide refunds well as canceled and already installed apps from the settings. There is also a support option to help the developer to log extra in case you are having problems with the application.

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My Purchases is a fully functional app that is free and supported with Ads. You can remove ads by purchasing the pro version of the app. There are a few things the app can improve upon. There could be a categorization of applications and maybe entire separate sections for apps, games, books, and movies. Besides that, this is an excellent app to keep track of your purchased apps.

Note: It takes a lot of time to fetch the details when you run this app for the first time. It is directly related to the number of apps you have installed on your device. Please be patient.

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