As processors advance, things that we didn’t think were possible quickly enter the realm of the mundane. Take past consoles, for example. In 1983 the Nintendo Entertainment System was cutting-edge technology. Today? We have toasters with more computing power than an NES. If you want to really get a sense of technological perspective, the computers that put the space shuttle into orbit had less raw power than the smartphone in your pocket.

Having exponentially greater computing power on a phone means that you can start doing things like emulation of older devices. New Android phones, with the right app, can perfectly mimic older consoles such as the NES, Genesis, and Game Boy Advance.

There are a plethora of emulators for the last of those, but none offer more features than My Boy! It seamlessly combines Bluetooth, customization, and excellent emulation into one convenient package. Here’s why you should finally ditch that old Gameboid .apk and try out My Boy!.

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High-End Emulation

As far as emulators go, My Boy! Has all the features we’ve come to expect from a top-tier Game Boy Advance emulator app. It can reproduce games at up to 60 FPS on “medium-end devices” with good compatibility rates.

The developers also claim their app does not take up a lot of battery, always a good feature. After seeing N64oid chug juice, we can appreciate that.

There’s also BIOS emulation, so you don’t have to go hunting through Google to try to find a lonesome zip file just so that you can get your Castlevania fix.

We dug into the emulator settings and were impressed with the customization options. You can change the layout, size, transparency, and selection of on-screen buttons.

There’s also IME controller support if you’re into hardware functions. Which, to be honest, you should be. Hardware controls are always better than on-screen buttons.

The only thing we didn’t like was the lack of save state support in the free version. You can save only in-game. Not cool, guys. Gameboid has had this since Gingerbread.

Paid Goodies

The paid version of My Boy! costs $5, a high price for an app. And yet it comes with some seriously cool features that other apps lack.

The one that sells the app is the link cable emulation. It allows you to connect to another player over Bluetooth (or another copy of a ROM on your own phone) and cross-play.

This is awesome. It means you and your friend can finally trade Pokemon so that you both can catch ‘em all. It also means battling against them. This has been a much-requested feature since the dawn of time, and it’s a relief to finally see it in action.

A word of warning, users have reported that link play only works between identical ROMs. That means no trading between Fire Red and Leaf Green, unfortunately.

The paid version of the game rounds out with some other extras like 16x fast-forward, emulation state saving, multi-line cheat codes, and multiple screen layout profiles.

Final Thoughts

Although it’s expensive, My Boy! is a good app that offers high-quality emulation. We would buy it just for the ability to trade Pokemon with friends. If that got your interest, definitely support these guys.

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