Enhance your browsing efficiency with Safari extensions.

Efficient and Secure Browsing on Safari

Apple Safari is as good a browser as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. It’s just not as popular since it’s primarily used on the Mac OS. It is productive, it is reliable, fast and it keeps getting useful updates that make it a little better each time.

Your experience with Apple Safari may have been good so far, but you can improve it even more by installing extensions. Extensions, for the uninitiated, are programs that attach to your browser and enhance it by letting it perform additional tasks. Most of them work in the background and are very easy to activate.

In this article, we’ve gathered a list of what we think are must-have Safari web extensions. These will add some killer functions to your Safari browser and help you turbocharge your productivity.

Safari Restore


The Safari Restore plugin is perhaps the most useful extension in our list. Like the name suggests, Safari Restore will restore your previous browsing session before you closed your browser.

In other words, all open tabs at the time of closing the browser will be reopened if you use Safari Restore. If your Safari browser crashes regularly or if you want to pick up a browsing session where you left it off afterwards, Safari Restore is the plugin for you.

You can download Safari Restore here.

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ClickToPlugin will greatly speed up your browser. What the extension does is it prevents Flash, Silverlight and Java from loading on webpages. The extension will replace this kind of content with an image that tells you what kind of content was stopped from loading.

If you wish to load that content, you can click on the image and it will load in a jiffy.

Download ClickToPlugin here.


If you need to quote sources in your work, you need TabLinks. TabLinks will generate a list that contains the addresses of all the tabs currently open in Safari. You can use this list to quickly get sources or for your records later.

Get TabLinks here.

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If you get tired of constantly clicking the “next” button while scrolling through search engine results to your query, AutoPagerizer is the plugin for you. AutoPagerizer, simply put, automatically converts separate pages into one long page.

You can get AutoPagerizer here.

Gmail Counter


Do you use Gmail and get a lot of emails? If you want to keep track of your emails better or want to avoid navigating to Gmail unless it’s really important, you might want to check out Gmail Counter. Gmail counter notifies you when you get an email and tells you how many new emails you’ve received.

Get the Gmail Counter extension here.

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If you get tired of all those ads everywhere on the web, get AdBlock. AdBlock will stop most ads from loading, giving you a faster and less frustrating browsing experience. It will let you control which site has its ads blocked and which site doesn’t, so you won’t miss anything important.

Get AdBlock here.



Translate is perfect for those of you who occasionally end up on foreign websites, have foreign friends or are learning a foreign language. The Translate extension uses Google translate to translate all content on a page to a desired language.

Get Translate here.

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Keeppy extension


Keeppy will let you capture and parts of a web page- including images, links and text- or entire webpages. You can send captured content to your friends or keep it for later for compiling.

You can get Keeppy here.

Last Pass

You, if you are a typical web user, probably spend large parts of your time filling out web forms or typing your account info to login to websites. With Last Pass, the process is automatic and instantaneous. Last Pass stores your personal data and passwords in a secure way.

You can get Last Pass here.



If you regularly have several Safari browser windows open, you will want to take a look at ResizeMe. ResizeMe lets you resize the safari window in 6 ways, allowing multiple windows to be viewed in an organized fashion.

Get ResizeMe here.


All of these extensions are designed to make your life easier. They can be installed in a couple of minutes and won’t cost you a dime to use (most of them, at any rate). They are also light and, if you were wondering, they won’t slow down your browser. We think these plugins will greatly enhance your productivity, whether you use your Safari browser at home or work, and save you time and add to your efficiency.

While we did our best to make this list as comprehensive as possible, chances are your favorites didn’t make it to this list. Do let us know your preferred extensions in the comments below.