One of the biggest complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S5 is how flimsy the USB charge cover is on the phone. This is one of the primary components that ensures your phone is waterproof and is touted by Samsung as a perk of buying the device. However, over time, it’s easy to break the USB charge cover and complete negate the waterproofing for the phone.

We’ll show you how to install a replacement USB charge cover for the Galaxy S5 without swapping out phones with your provider or relying on Samsung’s warranty service to take weeks.

Where to Get a Replacement USB Charge Cover for the Galaxy S5


Unfortunately, Samsung does not cover an official replacement USB charge cover for the Galaxy S5, yet. In fact, we’re not sure that they ever will, even though this is a common issue for users. has a handful of vendors that sell the lookalike part, complete with the rubber casing that makes the port waterproof.

When looking for a replacement USB charge cover, make sure it includes that rubber casing. If it doesn’t, then it will only cover the port and not make it waterproof. lists them for anyone from $5 to $15, even though they’re the same part. You can also find them on eBay and through some third-party cell phone accessory companies.

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Installing a Replacement USB Charge Cover for the Galaxy S5

Once you obtain the replacement USB charge cover, you can get to work.

You’ll need a small screwdriver, preferably a 1/16.

If your Galaxy S5 has a case on it, take it off and set it aside.


You want to work on a flat surface and if your phone doesn’t have a screen protector on it, you’ll want to put down a washcloth or something to keep the screen from being scratched while you work.

Take the back case off your Galaxy S5 off and set it aside.

Remove the battery to get started.

You’ll want to take the battery out of your phone before you get to work. You can leave your microSD card and SIM card in.

Remove the left screw only.

At the bottom of the Galaxy S5, you’ll see two screws where the USB port is. You want to leave the right one in and unscrew the left one until it won’t unscrew anymore. Take your screwdriver and pry the screw out the rest of the way, gently.

Once you get the screw, and the small plastic piece off, you’ll be able to pull out any components left of the old USB charge cover to make room for the new one.


Take the replacement USB charge cover and set it into the left side.

Secure the cover properly before putting the screw back


Push the charge cover into your phone completely before putting the plastic piece and screw back in its place.

This can be hard to keep in place, so be patient before starting to screw it back into your Galaxy S5.

Once securely screwed in, put the battery back, along with the back cover. You can then put your case back on, if necessary.

You’ve now successfully replaced the USB charge cover for your Samsung Galaxy S5.

Remember: Just because you’ve replaced the USB charge cover doesn’t necessarily mean it’s still waterproof now. Make sure you’ve invested in accidental damage and water coverage through your service provider, just in case. While these replacement pieces are made just like Samsung’s, they may not work perfectly when it comes to waterproofing your phone. Although it will surely keep your phone safe from dust and dirt particles.

How to Stop the USB Charge Cover from Breaking

There’s no way to stop the USB charge cover from eventually breaking. Unfortunately, this is one of the worst features of the phone. The flimsy plastic that holds the charge cover in place is just that, flimsy.

There’s nothing you can do to change that.

However, you can make sure to push the right side of the charge cover in first, then the left, to prevent breaking it in the first place. Be gentle with the charge cover, and it’ll last longer, although not for the lifetime of the phone.


For now, there’s no fix to the issues with how flimsy the charge cover is for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Only by buying a new charge cover from third-party sellers can you replace it yourself. While this issue is covered under warranty, it can be frustrating to deal with a loaner phone or be without one for a period of time. If you want to replace the USB charge cover for the Galaxy S5, now you know how.