Google Art LogoGoogle announced a barrage of new search features that will completely change the way you search. They designed new search features to enhance both desktop and mobile search based on their research on trends and growth in the search market.

These new features will not only change how you search on mobile devices and the desktop, but they will also increase the efficiency of your searches tremendously. Some of these features include the Instant Pages feature, Voice search for Desktop and a revamped Mobile search interface.

Google Search – An Overview of New Features:

New Image Search

Google has revamped image searches to make it easy for you to identify where pictures were taken, or identify the origin of an image. When you go to you can click the camera icon in the search box, and you will be prompted to upload an image or paste the URL of the image you want to identify.

Google Search - New Image Search Feature

Google’s search engine will analyse the image and provide results that detail the origin or location of the image. If you use Chrome, you may be able to access the new image search right now.

Google Image Search Feature in action

Voice Search on Your Desktop

Google’s mobile search apps introduced Voice Search some time ago. Their research showed that people can search more, search faster, and perform more complex searches using voice recognition. Google is bringing this powerful tool to the desktop, so you will be able to search using your voice by clicking the microphone button.

Google Voice Search for Desktop

Using your voice to search will allow you to search faster and more efficiently just by talking into your computer’s microphone. Google is rolling Voice Search out to English speakers now, but it will take some time for it to become available for everyone. Refresh your search page periodically, and it will eventually appear.

Instant Pages

Google knows that the speed of a search is as important as its accuracy. Now in addition to seeing possible search strings and results based on what you are actively typing, Instant Pages will pre-render the pages of the results you are most likely to click. When you click on a link, the pages will load almost instantaneously.

Mobile Search Enhancements

Mobile search is increasingly important, because we do not stop searching when we walk away from our desktops. Google’s research showed that when we typically leave our computers, we continue searching from our smartphones. They’ve added some new features to make it even easier to find what you want when you’re on the go.

Updated Mobile Search Interface and Location Based Search

Google updated their mobile search interface by adding icons for things that are commonly searched for. Now you can search for Restaurants, Coffee, Pubs & Bars, and More (a drop-down menu).

Google Mobile Search Updated

By clicking on the Restaurants icon, you can find restaurants in your immediate area, because you pass your location to Google when you initiate the search. The results are displayed with a map that updates itself to display the location of each restaurant in the search results as you scroll through them. As you any type of local search, you will see a map of your current location that shows you where you are in relation to the locations listed in your search results.

Spyglass Icon and Instant Search for Stocks

Google previously released the Spyglass Icon and Instant Search for Stocks, and they demonstrated these features again. Clicking on the Spyglass Icon displays a preview of the search result without leaving the results page. The Instant Search for Stocks not only provides you up-to-date stock information, but it can show you stock info, charts, and trends as well as a stock ticker.

Query Builder

The Query Builder feature is brand new, and allows you to search suggestions. You can quickly build longer search queries without all of the typing. Just click on the plus sign (+), and choose words and phrases to add to your query. During the demonstration they constructed a 26 letter query with eight screen taps.

Tablet Search Interface

Google has also redesigned its tablet interface for search, which makes it easier to read and takes better advantage of the screen real estate. The UI has been revamped to display larger images, and the links to the results are much easier to click.

So, what do you think of the new features added to Google Search? Which one the features listed above do you think is the most interesting or unique? Share your thoughts and opinion in the comments section below.

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