Apple has launched a number of successful iPad models since it was first launched. Keeping up with the market demand, they have also discontinued some of the initials models

That doesn’t mean you should junk your old iPad, though. It’s still a pretty good device with solid, even if dated, hardware. It might not be the slimmest, fastest or have Retina display. But, it still doesn’t deserve to be shunned to a junk drawer gathering dust. You can extend your old iPad’s life by using it in a variety of creative ways.

Here’s our list for the 10 coolest ways you can use your old iPad.

#1 A New Music System

Image Credit: The Aicher Family

You can turn your old iPad into a dedicated music system for your house. Just get some Bluetooth speakers and hang them up at key locations in your house. The next time you want to listen to your favorite tunes, just tap on your iPad. You can even tune into your favorite radio stations through your iPad.

#2 Universal Remote Control

Image Credit: Per-Olof Forsberg

Your old iPad will make for an excellent universal remote control. Not only can you use it to control your TV, you can (potentially) use it to control the lights in your house, the blinds, shades, the temperature, and even your security camera through apps like MobiLinc.

Of course, it’ll be expensive to get the special hardware that is compatible with Wi-Fi signals. It’s much cheaper to use your iPad to control your TV and the media center through apps like Remote.

#3 Magazine and eBook Reader

Image Credit: Ronnie Pitman

Do you read a lot of magazines or books? An iPad would make for a great magazine and book reader. It will work with the latest magazine and eBook apps, as they’re very not demanding hardware wise. Of course, it’s not as easy on the eyes like the Kindle, but it still makes for a pretty good alternative, especially since it supports colors.

What’s more, it saves you the money you’d have spent on a new reader and keeps the clutter off your coffee table. There are a number of great reading apps like iBooks, Flipboard, and NewsStand to curl up with on your iPad.

#4 In-Car Entertainment and Navigation System

Image Credit: Delwin Steven Campbell

Why invest hundreds of dollars to buy a new in-car entertainment and navigation system when you can use your old iPad instead? Simply mount it on your dashboard and you’re done!

Even the oldest iPad supports GPS and you can use an HDMI cable to connect your iPad to the monitors at the back of your car, if you have any, and control them from the front. If you have kids and travel often, this can prove to be your best move yet! It’ll keep the little devils occupied and let you focus on the road.

#5 An Extra Monitor

Your iPad will double as an extra portable monitor for your PC. You can use it to extend your monitor’s display area and even control your PC through apps like AirDisplay ($9.99). You can keep track of multiple applications through the extra monitor or even carry it around with you.

#6 Give it to Your Pre-Teen or Toddler

Image Credit: Eric Peacock

Because of their high price tags and not-so-sturdy build, most parents are leery about purchasing brand new iPads for their young kids. If you’re a parent with a young kid, just gift your old iPad to him or her. They’re sure to love it – they won’t care about the processing power or compatibility.

#7 The Most Expensive Digital Frame Ever

Image Credit: Maciverse

If you are the kind of person who has tons of pictures collected from your travel and adventures over the years, then maybe it’s a great idea to show them off in a digital frame. Your old iPad can be turned into the most expensive digital fame you have ever owned. You can mount it on a wall or place it on the desk and have it play a slideshow of your favorite pictures.

The default slideshow option comes with standard options and transitions. If you are looking for something fancier then you can use the Picmatic (free) app to turn your iPad into a photo frame / digital clock.

#8 Kitchen Assistant

Image Credit: AppleInsider

Do you know your iPad makes for the perfect kitchen assistant? There are apps on the iTunes store that not only help you during cooking by keeping time but also by teaching you entire recipes from the ground up in easy steps. The Joy of Cooking app ($6.99) is one such app that will turn you into a Master Chef in no time.

If you’re looking for something more savvy then give Big Oven a spin. The app not only takes you through tons of recipes but also helps generate shopping lists.

#9 Sell / Trade it

You can sell your iPad for some quick cash. Even the oldest Apple devices are known to fetch a pretty decent price in the market. You can look for buyers on Craigslist or on eBay. You can also send your iPad back to Apple (through the Apple recycling program), which will give you a suitable (not so high) price for it.

There are some online stores, like Best Buy, that specializes in buying and trading-in electronics – you could try those too.

#10 Donate it

If none of these ways to use your old iPad sounds appealing, you can just donate your old iPad. There are plenty of people out there that could use it. Before donating, make sure that you have wiped your iPad clean of all sensitive information.

Final Thoughts

Also consider keeping your old iPad around as a backup, if your newer iPad ever were to fail. Even if it’s old, your iPad can still make for a very useful backup gadget. If you’re a gadget geek, you may already be familiar with the problem of plenty. Do share innovative uses you have found for your gadgets.

(Article updated on 12th May 2019)