International CES is a grand affair. For those of you who were lucky enough to attend CES in the past, you’ll agree, grand doesn’t even come close to describing it. The reach and influence of this event is quite phenomenal. Last year the CES 2014 hashtag reached around 2.88 billion people which is around 40% of the world population.

This amazing consumer technology event of the year takes place in January every year. It is THE place to be for meeting the who’s who of the tech industry. You get to view the latest innovations that companies have been working on, and get a glimpse of things to come in the year.

CES 2015 is just about 5 days away and the TechNorms Team will be there. This is just our second year at CES, and we are excited about the events that are going to take place at the CES venues in Las Vegas. We are busy crafting our plans for this huge event, and thought we should give you a glimpse of what is in store for us all this year.

What Will Take CES 2015 by Storm

Smartphones and Tablets

This is a given. CES is a major platform for the announcement of new devices. All the major brands had mobile or tablet related announcements last year, and we expect them to have new devices lined up for this year as well. Diversifying their portfolio and diverting from the mainstream mobile operating systems, we are also expecting device manufacturers come up with devices running Windows and Firefox OS.

We have heard that companies like Kodak are launching their own smartphones. Sony is coming up with a new VAIO smartphone line and the biggies like LG and Samsung have something special in store.

We will also be visiting a special conference arranged by the major tech players in the Chinese mobile industry. It will be exciting to watch and report the new products these guys have come up with.


The world of wearables is exploding and there are several companies, big and small, which are coming up with innovative wearables for the masses. Let’s look at the wrist wearables first. These include smart watches that strive to extend the functionality of your smartphone or attempt to replace your phone by being completely self-sufficient. There are watches that, in addition to pairing with your phones, attempt to work as health monitoring devices.

Finally, there are health-related factors and fitness monitoring wearables like JawBone Up 24 or FitBit vying for dominance in a rapidly growing market. We will be keeping an eye out for exciting wrist wearables at International CES 2015 this year.

Besides the wrist kind, there are several other wearables being announced that offer fitness or connectivity features for you to take advantage of, in the way you prefer. You would have the option to mount monitoring devices on your clothes or let your earphones take care of it. Virtual reality gear is set to get a boost at CES with startups and even established companies looking to grow in this upcoming area. The would be no dearth of choice, and we would strive to bring the best of them to you.

Accessories & Audio

As new devices crop up, so do the accessories to keep them safe and supplement their features. A huge chunk of accessories comprises of protective cases for the most popular devices on the market, along with other accessories like portable power banks and supplemental audio components.

Several companies are announcing innovations in the audio domain with earphones, headphones and speakers to take your experience of listening to your favorite music to a new high. It is not often that we look into audio accessories, but we would be on the lookout for the best of the lot.

3D Printing

3D printing has picked up speed in the last few years. Though the earlier printers were neither cheap nor of the type that most people would adopt, they have progressed by leaps and bounds, and now are definitely within the reach of enthusiasts. We would be checking out and reporting on the latest trends in the 3D printing sector from International CES 2015.

Home Automation

Internet of Things (IoT), sensor networks and automation of security and electronics in your home has been a tremendous growth area in recent years. This year is no exception and there are several products being announced and launched in this category. Nest might be the big name in this industry, but there are several players in this market and they are all competing to make headway in an industry that is slated to be in several billion by 2020. We will report on the best of these products during the course of the event.

Consumer Electronics

There would be a plethora of new and latest home electronics being announced at CES. The brightest and sharpest televisions, home theatres, smart washing machines, smart kitchen setups and home lighting – the things go on and on. If you are interested in these areas, keep an eye on the news coming out of CES.

So. Much. More.

We have mentioned a lot of areas of consumer tech, and yet we have only scratched the surface. There are thousands of companies demonstrating their products, results of years of research, and latest innovations at CES 2015. There are several gems from consumer tech industry to be discovered at CES, and we cannot wait to explore them!