So you’ve heard about jailbreaking. You’ve read our introductory guide explaining what a jailbreak is and how it all works. You understand the risks (and potential benefits) and want to take the step. Well, I have good news. Jailbreaking is easy.

As of this writing (December 2014), the latest version of iOS is 8.1.2 and it can be jailbroken using a tool called TaiG. This is a Windows-only software tool developed by a Chinese hacking group that does all the work for you. Just plug-in that iPhone and TaiG jailbreaks your iPhone for you. It’s so easy, anyone could do it.

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Quick Questions

Is TaiG safe? 

Yes. Longtime jailbreak developer MuscleNerd confirmed everything is on the up-and-up. I’ve tested it on my iPhone 5 as well, and it seems to work fine.

Is TaiG on Mac and Linux?

Sadly, no. You need a computer with iTunes, a cable to connect your iPhone to a USB port and the TaiG program. As of this writing, it is available only for Windows. Borrow someone else’s computer, dual-boot, do whatever you have to do.

Will TaiG wipe my data?

No. The jailbreaking process keeps your apps, contacts and photos. That being said, you should definitely back up your data to iCloud or your PC through iTunes before jailbreaking. Something probably won’t go wrong, but you’ll be incredibly grateful for the backup if it does.

Is it untethered?

Yes. You can reboot your iPhone at will and keep your jailbreak.

Will I lose my jailbreak if I upgrade to 8.2 when it comes out?

Yes, but there’s good news. The TaiG guys say the vulnerabilities they’ve found work on the 8.2 betas. With any luck, we’ll have an 8.2 jailbreak soon after the new version of iOS releases next year. Until then, do not upgrade iOS.

If you jump the gun, you’re stuck on the latest version without a jailbreak. There is no way to downgrade iOS ever since Apple killed off SHSH blobs and started signing only the firmware it wants you to have.

How to Jailbreak iOS 8.1.2 with TaiG

Visit TaiG’s website and download the tool. The site is in Chinese, but don’t worry about it, click the “EN” at the top right for English. The jailbreaking program itself is written in English as well. Click the blue box at the bottom of the screen to download the zip file.


Open the downloads folder, right click and extract the contents of the zip file. You should have a folder called TaiGJBreak_1201. Inside that folder is a program. Run it.

Make sure to uncheck the bit about 3K Assitant installing with the jailbreak. You want Cydia, not whatever pre-installed bloatware the TaiG jailbreakers have included here.

After that, hit start and let the program do its thing. Be sure to not disconnect the phone. Once TaiG finishes, your phone will reboot. If everything goes well, it’ll boot back up safely with Cydia on the home screen. After that, you’re off to the races and ready to explore jailbreaking!


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So there you have it. Jailbreaking the iOS 8.1.2 version is pretty easy with the right software. There are other programs available for jailbreaking this version of iOS, but we recommend TaiG as we’ve had a safe experience using this software. We’ll be sharing more jailbreak tweaks in the coming days. Stay tuned.