Auxo 3 released last month, and after using it for a few days its easy to state that it is pretty awesome. The multitasking mod by jailbreak developers Qusic and Sentry takes another swing at redesigning multitasking in iOS.

While these sorts of efforts can turn out worse than their stock counterparts, I’m happy to report Auxo 3 is an inspired take on multitasking that one-ups Apple’s version.

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How It Works

If you haven’t used Auxo before, it’s a neat jailbreak tweak that combines multitasking and the control center into one cohesive package. Honestly, the final product feels a lot more polished and logical than stock iOS 8 multitasking. Putting multitasking and the quick toggles together just feels more logical.

A swipe up from the bottom of the screen pulls up multitasking and shows a bird’s-eye view of the apps, just like normal iOS 8 multitasking. Underneath the apps, though, are the quick toggles you’d normally find in the control center. It’s a simple but effective change.


Swiping up from the bottom right corner acts as a home button, bringing you back to SpringBoard. Would definitely be useful for people with broken home buttons.


Swiping up from the left side shows the six most recent apps. You can swipe back and forth to pick which one you want. Choosing the right one can be a bit difficult, but it’s a nice way to flip between a couple of favorites.


Auxo 3 also ships with some advance options for customizing the app to run exactly the way you want. You can invert the hot corners and disable the swipes in certain applications. This last one is especially useful since Auxo lacks the double-swipe protection you see from the control center and notification drawer when in full-screen apps.

The Breakdown

Stability-wise, Auxo 3 seems to be running well on my iPhone 5. No problems yet, though the tweak is too new to tell for sure. Only time and prolonged use will show how stable it is.

Update: After a few days of testing, I experienced significant battery drain. Uninstalling Auxo 3 fixed the problem immediately. Your mileage may vary, but be prepared.

My only complaint about it is that Auxo 3 seems to have trouble reading some of my swipes. Balancing the sensitivity between being quick to activate and activating too often is an art, and Auxo definitely leans a bit too far on the side of activating slowly.

The developers also omitted some functionality away in favor of another $1 package, Polus. You can’t customize your quick toggles without buying that separate app. Though I like Auxo, I also like having fast access to a flashlight. It would be nice to be able to change that without having to buy another app.

Final Thoughts

Still, Auxo 3 is a neat tweak I think I’ll keep using for a while. I like the redesigned multitasking, and the hot corners are undeniably cool.

Auxo 3 is $3 and well worth the money. It’s $1 pricier than fellow multitasking mod Tage. Tage is a good alternative, as it’s simple and effective. Users looking for something a little more no-nonsense than Auxo should definitely give Tage a look.

For everyone else, though, Auxo 3 is the best version of a cool tweak.