The Wearable tech arena is rocking the CES this year. So far we have seen some innovative products, and we’ll introduce you to the most interesting products we have come across so far.

Who doesn’t know what wearables are? If you don’t, you’re living under a rock, especially if you’re following us at CES 2015. At CES Unveiled, we had a chance to take a look at several of the latest and greatest in wearable technology from wristbands to watches and everything in between. Wearable tech has made CES a much more exciting event, and there are some truly amazing products launched by big and small tech companies alike.

Here’s our round-up of some of the most interesting wearables from CES Unveiled.

CES Unveiled Wearables Roundup

InBody Band


If you haven’t heard of InBody yet, you will. InBody has spent years focusing on body composition analyzers and has introduced at CES wearable technology that does just that and more. Fashionable and stylish, the InBody Band can track your body fat, muscle mass and measure your body fat percentage.

It utilizes four sensors that allow you to combine data to get the results. While Jawbone’s UP3 seeks to introduce similar technology whenever they get around to releasing it, InBody has the advantage with the technology behind their band that’s been the forefront of their mission for over two decades.

Learn more about InBody here.

Zensorium Being


The Zensorium Being, paired with an app, can track your mood. Yes, it’s a wearable that doubles as a mood ring on your wrist. It’s a mood watch. The Being is sleek, comes in two colors (gold and gunmetal) and will retail for $199 at full price. While you may be wondering why you’d spend $200 on a mood watch, tracking your moods throughout the day can be a great way to monitor other aspects of your life, such as stress levels.

The Being monitors your heart rate and blood pressure, alerting you to periods of high stress and elevation. Zensorium reps explained that they’ve worked with neuroscientists to get accurate results when the Being is worn in contact with your skin, so it’ll be interesting to see if this has any practical use in the wearables market.

Learn more about the Zensorium Being here.

Logbar Ring


On first glance, the Logbar Ring looks like an engagement ring gone wrong. It’s large, bulky and has a bit of bling but otherwise, it leaves you wondering what you are looking at. However, the Ring is a different kind of wearable. With gestures, while wearing it, you can control everything from your smart TV to Google Glass.

This Kickstarter-funded product can text for you, learning how you write letters with your fingers for accurate results. Its like a magic ring on your finger that understands your commands and makes various gadget do stuff for you.

Learn more about the Logbar Ring here.


Fitbug has been known for its fitness bands and plans for years. They showed off several products at CES Unveiled, including the Fitbug Orb and Kiqplan. They also showcase a set of specific weekly exercise plans for different situations and results.

The Fitbug Orb is your standard wearable, but that’s not what impressed us about Fitbug at Unveiled. Fitbug demonstrated one app to rule them all: Kiqplan. Fitbug’s app, for $19.99, can pair up with just about any fitness/activity tracker on the market and help keep activity in a single place.

Learn more about Fitbug here.

Polar V800

The Polar V800 originally was introduced at CES 2014, and again last night at Unveiled showcased its beautiful design and functionality. The V800 offers everything you’d expect in a true sports watch, such as activity tracking, GPS integration, and recovery time.

Polar is confident that athletes will find the V800 intriguing and have staged a Las Vegas-style iron triathlon featuring Tim Don. While the V800 might not be the wearable the average consumer invests in, for athletes or those who like to push themselves to the limit, this is one to watch.

Learn more about the Polar V800 here.

Withings Activité Pop

Like many of the wearables we’ve seen at CES so far, stylish fashion smartwatches are big. Withings has in the wearables game for a while, and it’s no surprise they’re showcasing the Activité Pop here. The Activité Pop is an activity tracker, sleep analyzer and integrate swimming into its tracking system. One of the big perks of this smartwatch, compared to others, is that it boasts an eight-month battery life with no charging. What other wearables can say that?

Learn more about the Withings Activité Pop here.

Misfit Shine and Flash

Misfit showcased two products at Unveiled: Shine and Flash. From what we saw in a live demo, they both can track various activities, including running, swimming, sleep and more. They use an interactive flash display to let you know your activity levels; then you can use the app to get more detailed analysis. The Shine and Flash come in a variety of colors allowing you to mix and match as you see fit.

Learn more about the Misfit Shine and Flash here.


Keep in mind: There were more wearables than we could keep count of at CES Unveiled, and these are just some of the ones that caught our eye. We’ll be bringing you more wearables coverage as time allows from CES, and we’ll be following up with many of these companies to see what developments they have in store for consumers.