Greg Peters, Chief Streaming and Partnerships Officer for Netflix, had a busy day one at CES 2015. During a day usually reserved for the earth shattering technological breakthroughs, new smartphones and a push for interconnectivity, Netflix was everywhere. Literally.

Netflix is partnering with the big three television manufacturers at CES 2015. LG, Samsung and Sony have announced they will work directly with Netflix to focus on 4K content as each company launched new, creative ways to change how we watch TV. Let’s examine what these partnerships mean for Netflix, along with the companies pioneering the next great thing in television technology.

Netflix Partners with LG, Samsung and Sony

As you may know by now, LG kicked off the first press-only day at CES 2015. They announced a variety of products, which you can read more about here. They also brought Peters out to explain why 4K content is crucial to the adoption of 4K TVs.

Right now, 4K TVs are out of the reach of the average consumer. No matter what you like to watch on TV, if the content isn’t there to match the quality of TV, why would you invest thousands of dollars in? Netflix sees this dilemma and wants to work with those changing the way we watch TV to make sure that when any consumer buys a 4K TV, the content they can watch on it – whether through Netflix or elsewhere – is up to par.

Until the content is there – something Netflix and TV manufacturers get – consumers just won’t want to spend the money. We saw some of these 4K TVs, and LG’s in particular were amazing. While many of these TVs upscale in some way, shape or form, until the content is shot specifically for 4K televisions, it’s just not the same. With Netflix leading the way, encouraging studios to get behind 4K technology, it’s only a matter of time before the majority of what we watch live, record or stream is show and delivered in 4K.


4K TVs are here to stay. While the technology has been around since early 2014 and was featured in a smaller way at CES then, this year, every major TV player has announced a line of 4K TVs.

We’ll cover some of that later but for now, it’s a step in the right direction for Netflix to partner with the big three. Expect Netflix to reach out to even smaller brands to help forge a partnership that truly benefits the consumer, no matter what TV they prefer to put in their home.