CES often has hidden gems. Booths, products, services, apps, and more that are hidden among the big names. Things you wouldn’t normally go out of your way to see or that you might miss if you aren’t hitting every corner of the show. At TechNorms, we’re always on the hunt for these exciting new developments and at this year’s CES show, we’re on it!

That’s why we attended CES Unveiled. CES Unveiled showcases some of the new, exciting things to come during the show that you might otherwise overlook. Let’s look at what we thought were some of the standouts at Unveiled and why they matter to you.

5 of the Best CES Unveiled Products

Its no surprise wearables make this list more than once. Wearables, especially smartwatches, are one of the hottest trends right now in the tech industry. Here’s our five best picks from this year’s CES Unveiled.



We wo n’t lie. Lima won CES Unveiled for us. Here’s why: Lima is a Kickstarter project that took off last year. It’s a storage system that keeps local copies of all your files, photos and videos so that you can access them anywhere without utilizing the cloud. This allows you to stay off the grid, as much as you can, save hard drive space and manage your data from one central hub..

Check out our in-depth post on Lima here.

inBody Band


The inBody Band took us by surprise at Unveiled because of the technical knowledge of those behind it. inBody has been doing biometrics and working with the technology for years, now they’re applying it to smartwatches and bands. The inBody Band utilizes four sensors, two on the front of the device and two on the back, to help measure everything from fat mass to body fat percentage to heart rate and more.



Ozobot was a rather unique find. It’s a small robotic unit, about 1” in diameter that’s so cute, that’s what stopped us in our tracks to take a look. Ozobot is designed to be used for education and gaming but above all else, fun. It features visual feedback, allowing it to cruise around at different speeds along with taking control of which way it goes based on formulas that can go astray. This is one dymanic little guy.

Check out our coverage on Ozobot here.



If you  haven’t heard of Fitbug, you might be living under a rock. Fitbug has been around for a while, focusing on smartwatches and wearables. It wasn’t the Fitbug Orb that first attracted us to their showcase at Unveiled, it was their Kiqplan product.

Kiqplan offers a variety of different weekly programs focused on specific health issues and wellness activities. This works in tandem with the Fitbug Orb, or your fitness tracker of choice, to give you a customize way to get fit and stay active.

Activite Pop


Withings has a wide range of fitness and activity trackers, but the Activite Pop is their first foray into the fashion smartwatch realm. The Activite Pop is stylish, comes in several colors, and offers consumers a fashionable alternative to the common band and electronic look of activity trackers on the market.

On top of that, the Pop features an eight-month battery life span, a silent alarm with wake-up vibration, along with swim tracking – one of the first smartwatches to bring that activity to the table.


As you can see, wearables are in! Smartwatches are everywhere, and we’ll be covering each of the above ones in more detail in the coming weeks. CES Unveiled was a great event, and we were lucky to get to talk to the developers, designers and people involved in building out each of the above products, along with many others.