In Safe Hands

In this age of hacks, leaks and phishing attacks, it is not hard to be paranoid. It is true that modern day devices come with a lot of security features, but there are unscrupulous elements lurking around to invade your privacy and cause as much harm as possible. If the recent attacks, where hackers breached and leaked private pictures of a number of Hollywood celebrities, are anything to go by, you need to be extremely cautious with your smartphone data.

But the good thing is that if the hackers are smart, you can be smarter. There are a number of precautions you can take to ensure your data is secure. Ensuring you use a strong password that’s not easy to guess is one important aspect most people tend to overlook.

We bring you some additional iOS 8 security tweaks to ensure your device is as secure as the Fort Knox itself.

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Send Last Location Feature

ios 8 security 1
Image: Appleinsider

This is a new anti-theft feature that comes with iOS 8, and this is something that you have to enable as soon as you update your iOS to the latest version. Even if the battery of the iPhone drains below a critical level, this feature informs Apple about the last location, and it does that automatically, if enabled. So, you can check your Apple Account and figure out the location where the battery died, and the phone went to sleep. It is of great help in tracking the device, especially if you have dropped it somewhere unknowingly.

So, you can check your Apple Account and figure out the location where the battery died, and the phone went to sleep. It is of great help in tracking the device, especially if you have dropped it somewhere unknowingly.

To enable this feature, go to Settings > iCloud > Find My iPhone

Password Managers

It is always difficult to manage your security information on iOS. You can access them but cannot easily edit them, and that is a big headache for a lot of people. You are not allowed to enter any extra information that you may need or modify it either. But this can be helped by Password Manager software such as 1Password and LastPass. They allow you to edit the information in your account, and you can also get more options to save sensitive information.

They allow you to create folders and sub-folders and divide your accounts into different categories for a comprehensive management of your security related information. They also come with a host of extra features and offer you services such as security audits. They can analyse your password usage patterns and tell you if you are using a weak password. If something is not robust and likely to be breached, it is better to know beforehand than rue afterwards.

They encrypt the data on your computer before its sent out, which makes it quite secure.  They also allow users to users to use external verification devices, like the Yubikey, which enhances the security even further.

Two-Step Authentication for iCloud

ios 8 security 2
Image : Appleinsider

This option has existed before too but with increased hack attacks, it’s all the more important to protect your iCloud account. In fact, more and more iCloud apps are now requiring two-step authentication to be accessed. Two steps involves a normal password followed by a phone authentication process via text message.

The text message contains a randomly generated string of numbers that expire within a few minutes, so as to avoid getting hacked by anyone else. So, even if someone knows your iCloud password or manages to guess it, they will have to have access to your phone in order to complete the second step.

You can enable the Two-Step Authentication by accessing the Apple’s ID Management System.

Once there, click on Manage Your Apple ID then key-in your credentials and select Password and Security from the navigation pane on the left. After answering the security questions, scroll down to Two-Step Verification and click Get Started.

ios 8 security 4
Image: Appleinsider

Apple will send an SMS to your registered mobile number which you will have to enter and voilà! You are done. You can now add your trusted devices on which you can receive one-time code via SMS or Push notification from Apple.

As a safety measure, Apple will generate a Recovery Key for you if you forget your password or don’t have access to any of the trusted devices.

Ensure you make a note of this recovery key and keep it some place safe. Without this information you will lose access to your Apple ID and even Apple itself will not be able to help you.

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Setting Medical ID

ios 8 security 5
Image: Apple

Well, it is not always about securing only your gadget but securing YOU. So, Apple’s Medical ID offers you a way to record your vital medical needs and possible conditions on your phone so that you or someone else can access that during an emergency.

If you are allergic to certain food items or suffer from certain afflictions, the Medical ID records it along with other vital information such as your blood group and organ-donor status if any. So, with this feature your iPhone takes a step beyond merely being a phone and makes an effort to be a trusted companion.

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For Jailbroken Devices:

Get Encrypted Storage Through 360 Vault

Image: 360 Vault

360 Vault is a Cydia tweak that offers you unlimited storage space to protect photos, videos and other data. You can encrypt them and put inside enclosed storage. You need to create a pattern that can be used as a passcode so that others cannot access the same. Of course, the phone will need to be jailbroken for this purpose but it is a small task to make sure you get comprehensive security.

Protect your SIM

ios 8 security 6
Image : iProtect


In case you lose your phone, ensure the security of your SIM with iProtect, which is another excellent Cydia tweak for ensuring your phone security. When the iDevice is stolen, the offender generally removes and discards the SIM card. But you can get an alert the moment a SIM card is removed from your phone.

You have to enable the SIM card lock through iProtect. Once it is turned on, it will lock all working apps such as Camera, Social network apps and everything else. More importantly, you can have the option of receiving a silent SMS. It is so sophisticated that it sends a secret SMS to a preconfigured number from the new SIM the moment it is inserted on your stolen phone.


These are some of the security measures that’ll keep unwanted elements off of your Apple device. Of course, there are many more tools and apps out there which will help you keep your private information private. Do tell us if your favorites made it to our list and if not, which ones do you really use in the comments below.