The YouTube GIF Tool

Creating GIFs out of your favorite videos or the ones you have made is a pretty viral practice over the web. Almost everyone loves those images in motion and there are at least a dozen professional tools out there that let you create them.

Most GIFs are created from videos or a series of images that are strung together to play in an animated loop. YouTube is the largest repository of videos online and now you can create GIFs straight from any YouTube video that you like.

Beta Sign-up

For those of you who are reading this now, you should know that the beta channel to sign up for the proprietary gif creator which YouTube is planning to reveal in a couple of months is now closed. They have picked a handful of people for this program and are testing it at the moment.

The official tool when it rolls out, will allow users to create hilarious GIFs right out of the videos found on the YouTube website. It will be embedded right below the video share/embed/e-mail options.

Create GIFs Using Official YouTube Tool

YouTube gif 1

The GIF creator’s tool is yet to be implemented on all YouTube channels and videos. For now, you will be able to create some only on the PBS idea channel. Here’s how you can create GIFs.

  • Visit the channel on YouTube
  • Click on the share video button found right below the subscribe button.
  • When the options open, you will find tabs to share, embed, e-mail as well as a brand new ‘GIF’ tab.
  • Click on it to open an advanced settings tab right below the video.
  • Enter a start and end time for the video.
  • You also have the option to add a top text as well as bottom text which is the most widely known and accepted format for any GIFs.
  • Click create GIF and it will be ready in a few seconds.

That’s seriously the best tool which even though not available now is really cool and when YouTube officially rolls it out, it’s going to be one amazing GIF creator that everyone would love to make use of. You can  because every video on the website, possibly millions available right away for you to make some creative, funny, sarcastic GIFs to show off in Facebook or other social networking websites.

It is also clear that when they roll this out, every website and social media platform will be blasted with a whole lot of GIFs than they could handle. The news is an update that people at imgur, reddit, 4chan and similar sites are eagerly looking forward to hear.

Create GIFs Using GifYoutube

YouTube gif 2

While you wait for the official tool to be rolled out by Google to all videos on YouTube, this is a good alternative that you should check out right away. The website offers a whole bunch of features and filters to make use of.

  • Copy / Paste the Youtube video link on the Gifyoutube website.
  • The site lets you instantly create moving images that could vary anywhere between five seconds to a total of fifteen seconds in length.
  • Drag the video bar until you reach the moment which you want to convert into a GIF.
  • Drag the second blue bar below to specify 5 to 15 seconds.
  • It will calculate the start to the next 5 or 15 seconds as specified by you and convert it into a GIF for you.
  • Copy the link to share your GIF and use it on any website as you please.



If you you’re online mostly using your smartphone or tablet then you can give the UltraVisual App a spin. It’s extremely popular among mobile users and often touted as the Instagram for GIFs. It comes bundled with many filters that you can add to your videos and even create amazing GIFs using the app.

You can even use your own pictures or videos from your smartphone or tablet to create funny, thought-provoking or even annoying GIFs of your choice.

Download the Ultravisual App for iOS.

The Parting Shot

There is no official name for the slick new tool that YouTube is all set to introduce for creating GIFs but it sure is going to make a lot of noise or GIFs for sure. Till then, you can always keep your creative ideas flowing by making use of the tools mentioned above or there are a few more tools to help you create GIFs like a boss!