The Android Debug Bridge (ADB) is one of the most vital tools for Android developers. Even if you are not a developer, ADB has several uses and every Android user should be aware of this incredibly useful tool.

We have talked about ADB and its uses several times in the past. In case you are new to this, you might want first to get introduced to ADB. You may find it useful to unlock your phone when you have forgotten the unlock pattern, one way or other.

Not that we might have sufficiently endorsed the usefulness of ADB, time to look at this nifty application that lets you do all that we mentioned above, wirelessly. Yes, ADB access had always been limited to a USB connection. Now you have a Wi-Fi option and we’ll show you how to utilise it.

Accessing ADB Over WiFi

Note: Your device needs to be rooted, as the application asks for root permissions.

The app, known simply as ADB Tools, is incredibly simple to use. As the application loads, you are given the option to choose a Wi-Fi or USB connection.


  • Select the ADB Wi-Fi option and apply.
  • The application shows the IP address of your phone in the Wi-Fi info field. Usually, the IP address is like Make a note of it.
  • Go to Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (Mac) and enter the below command.

     adb connect

  • You are done!

The process for USB access is the same. Just choose the USB mode and connect the cable. That’s it.

Closing Words

The application is under active development, and in Alpha stage as of now. SU permission is mandatory, and the app will not start if you do not have root access. The developer plans to add features like starting a service on device boot and a mode toggle widget in future updates.