During the Windows 10 Consumer Preview event, Microsoft touched on big changes coming to Xbox One as they relate to the upcoming release of Windows 10. Xbox One has changed the way a lot of people game, and the console offers integration on some levels with many of Microsoft’s product.

With the release of Windows 10, Xbox One will do something that no other gaming system lets you do, yet, and that’s play console games on your other devices.

Xbox One will be able to stream games and potentially game-recorded footage to Windows 10 PCs. Let’s look at what this means for Windows 10 integration and the future of gaming in the Xbox ecosystem.

Xbox One at the Windows 10 Consumer Preview Event

The biggest Xbox One announcement at the Windows 10 Consumer Preview event came from Xbox’s Phil Spencer: You will be able to launch, stream and play Xbox One games on Windows 10 PCs.

When asked by journalists after the event, Spencer confirmed Microsoft is looking at reverse engineering the technology allowing you to stream to PC to allow you to stream to the Xbox One, too. Chances are this won’t be ready, or released at all, with the coming version of Windows 10 as of now.

Spencer wants to bring gaming to the Windows Everywhere concept, allowing Xbox One gamers to be able to play anywhere and everywhere, so long as they’re using Windows 10.

Fable Legends to Be Released for Console and PC On Same Date

Fable Legends will be the first title that can be played on the Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs at the same time. Fable Legends will launch the same day for PC as it does for the Xbox One. This will allow PC gamers and console gamers to play against each other on launch day. Spencer also hinted at several other major gaming titles to be announced from Microsoft Studios in the coming months.

Windows 10 Xbox App


Microsoft showcased its Xbox app for Windows 10. This will be pre-loaded for all Windows 10 users and will allow you to interact with your friend’s through your Xbox Live account. It’ll showcase the apps you can play on both platforms and sync all your Xbox messages.

The coolest feature of the Windows 10 Xbox app is that you’ll be able to stream gameplay from the app to your TV. The Windows 10 Xbox app has the potential to change how all gamer’s play games on the Microsoft platform.

The latest Windows 10 Technical Preview has a version of the Xbox app live. We’ll cover this in more detail down the line.

Windows 10 to Ship With DirectX 12

Windows 10 will ship with DirectX 12 functionality to make sure games run well from the start. Improvements have been made to the way DirectX 12 works, using less than half of the system resources than its predecessor. Low-power devices and hybrid netbooks will see a performance boost while gaming in Windows 10 because of these improvements.

Microsoft is boasting that you won’t need new hardware in most cases to take advantage of DirectX 12, but depending on how old your PC is, particularly laptops, you still may need to make hardware changes. Microsoft will talk more about DirectX 12 and its impact on gaming at the Game Developers Conference in March.

DirectX 12 has been installed with the latest version of the Windows 10 Technical Preview, but it’s not being actively used, yet. DirectX 12 drivers from the big names will most likely come in the following weeks because of this being added to the technical preview now.


Microsoft sees a real vision in its Windows Everywhere concept. While many gamers forget that the Xbox One is part of the overall Windows experience, Windows 10 is looking to change that. They want users to take advantage of everything the Windows family and platform has to offer, including Windows 10.

If you’re a Windows 10 PC gamer without an Xbox One, you’ll be able to play with your friends on select titles and vice versa. This changes the way you game from the ground up with the release of Windows 10. Microsoft truly sees the immense impact its Windows Everywhere mission can have on everyone who picks up and uses a Microsoft products, gamers included.