As the streaming wars heat up between Netflix and Amazon Instant Video, both companies are looking for ways to gain new customers. Netflix offers a free month to subscribers when they sign up, although you must enter credit card details to take advantage of this offer.

We’ll show you how to use Netflix for free, why you should consider a subscription and what exactly you get in that first free month.

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Using Netflix for Free

In order to use Netflix for free, you’ll need to create a new account.


Please Note: We don’t recommend creating new accounts, and using different credit cards, to take advantage of free months at any time. Netflix can figure out who you are, where you’re logging in from and if they link your accounts to another Netflix ones – seeing you’re skipping from one free trial to another – they can ban you from using Netflix.

You can sign up with your e-mail address or with Facebook. Facebook integration is something relatively new to Netflix, but linking the account with your social networking can help you get recommendations, recommend titles to others and take part in the social experience Netflix is trying to build within its community.

You’ll need to pick a plan. You have three options:


Think about what you want out of Netflix. If you plan on going streaming-only, and will be streaming to multiple devices, you’ll need a Standard or Premium plan, even for the trial. If HD is important to you, you’ll need Standard at the least.

Choose your plan wisely. Netflix is known to grandfather customers into prices so long as they never change the plan during the lifetime of their subscription to the service. For me, I’ve been paying $7.99 for the Standard plan for years now thanks to being grandfathered into the pricing by Netflix.


Once you choose a plan, you’ll need to enter in the credit card you wish to use to subscribe. As long as you cancel before the end of the 30 day trial, you won’t be charged; however, if you forget to cancel, you will be charged the monthly fee when the trial runs out.

What Can You Do With the Free Netflix Subscription?

Depending on the plan you chose, you’ll be able to do everything regular Netflix subscribers can do. This will be plan-dependent, but Netflix offers no restrictions for the free trial they offer you. This gives you a chance to fully immerse yourself in the Netflix experience on wide range of platforms and devices.

What Happens When the Netflix Trial is Up?


When your Netflix trial ends, you’ll be charged for your next month and will continue to use the service as you did before. You can change your streaming plan at any time, add DVD service, or cancel Netflix all together. The choice is up to you.


Netflix offers a free, 30 day trial so that potential customers can see whether the streaming service is a good fit for them or not. Netflix offers one of the widest selections of movies, TV shows and documentaries, along with kid’s programming on the Web.

It can be used on dozens of devices and platforms, and they’re constantly adding their own original programming and newly curated content for customers to enjoy. Take advantage of Netflix for free and see what the service can do for you.