Ever go through Netflix’s suggestions for you and wonder what they were thinking? If you have, you’re like many of us who just don’t understand why Netflix recommend the things they do. Did you know you can change what’s recommended to you by investing a little more time in what you watch on the streaming service?

We’ll give you some tips and tricks to getting the best recommendations for Netflix, so you can always watch what’ll interest you no matter where they lie.

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Getting the Best Recommendations on Netflix


The more you watch on Netflix, the better your recommendations will be. Everything you watch, even if it’s just for a few minutes, counts towards the various recommendations Netflix gives you when you login and when new releases are integrated into your feed.

Every time you rate a title, this contributes to the recommendations you’re given, too. It’s important that if you want the best recommendations on Netflix that you make sure you’re rating everything you watch when finished.


If you’re still seeing Taste Preferences pop up when you login to Netflix, it means you haven’t rated enough titles for a true profile. Make sure to rate everything on Netflix for the best recommendations possible. If you’ve never rated a title or gone through your Taste Preferences, now’s the time to start for the best recommendations.

Finding What’s New On Netflix

There’s several web sites out there that list what Netflix releases for streaming customers and DVD renters. Here’s my favorite:

instantwatcher not only showcases what’s new on Netflix but highlights what’s popular and more. If you want a complete idea of what’s new and awesome on the streaming service, this web site gives it to you upfront with no frills or gimmicks.

You can also find out what’s new on Netflix by checking what’s new directly through Netflix each week, but they don’t necessarily highlight what’s new on their own. Many web sites, and news outlets, usually post a story on what’s new to Netflix each month, and they certainly post when a variety of titles are being dropped from the service throughout the year.

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Netflix’s Recommended TV

At CES 2015, Netflix paired up with many of the major TV manufacturers to bring 4K content to consumers quicker. Netflix also touched upon its Recommended TV feature it will roll out to customers in the coming year. Netflix Recommended TV will launch later in 2015 and will work in conjunction with the smart TV you own to give you recommendations based on the best possible content that can be viewed on your screen. This has more to do with your technology than with what you want to watch, so it’ll appear to a different kind of consumer using Netflix.


Netflix can be customized in more ways than you can imagine. If you’re looking to find new titles to watch without much effort, rate every title you watch and be honest. You never know how your tastes reflect what you rate until you begin taking your recommendations more seriously on Netflix.