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There have been very few photo sharing social networks for the mobile platform. Since the rise of Instagram users have hardly tried to look for any other alternatives. Instagram became popular due to the numerous features it introduced for photography enthusiasts.

One of its most useful features that immensely ease photo editing is the filters. As the app became popular, other developers started experimenting around the idea to developer more and better filters for their users.

Instagram in the meantime remained stuck to the number of filters it provided and only updated the app once with 5 more filters. Therefore, third-party developers created applications using the Instagram API to allow users to create custom filters that could be used along with existing filters in the Instagram app.

Now there are dozens of applications that allow custom filter creation but only some of them are widely used because of their usability and inbuilt features. One of the widely used apps for custom filter creation in Instagram is Shift. Its usability and features exceed any other application in the play store. Let’s explore how to make custom Instagram filters using Shift.

Creating Custom Instagram Filters on Android


Shift is relatively a new application on the android platform while it has established itself as one of the top applications in the Apple store. It allows users to create custom filters on mobile devices just like users create them on photo editing applications on their desktops. Shift maintains the core usability of Instagram but also facilitates easy creation of custom filters through an intuitive interface.

Each photo displays 2 meters with 3 buttons above it. The 3 buttons above the meter determine how the effects are applied to the photos. The meter on the bottom right adjusts filter color while the meter on the bottom left controls the filter level.


The app also maintains consistency and usability by allowing the meters and buttons to move all over the screen. In case you made a mistake, you can easily undo and return to the previous state of the image.

Once you have built a perfect filter for yourself, you can save it for use later. Unfortunately, the app names the filters according to its own algorithm but it won’t pose any significant problem as it is visible through its thumbnail. You can also rename the filter after saving it.


Shift allows you to take photos directly from the app itself or you can select an image from your gallery. After applying necessary filters and editing the photo for your requirements, you can share it with other applications like Instagram. \As it doesn’t have its own photo sharing community, it allows users to share the photos through other applications.


One of the major features of the app is it’s what you see is what you get interface. The app allows you to edit the photos directly on screen, applies necessary filters, and edits as you select.

This allows you modify your image as per your choice and if you don’t like some edits, you can easily undo it and apply some other filters. This allows you to get better at image editing and over time you can improve the aesthetic feeling around your picture after the edits.


There are other applications that focus on the filter creation, allow their users to share their photos and filters among their friends. This additional input could greatly help in enhancing one’s ability to create good pictures but unfortunately, Shift lacks the feature . Yet the numerous textures, colors and blends inbuilt into the app provide limitless editing functionalities to its users.

Now you can easily create photos of any kind with just a tap and share on any site you like. You can also browse through some best practices in photo editing to gain recognition in your community. Once you get the hang of it, you can go on creating custom filters and fortunately the app allows you to create filter libraries that you can access and apply later.

You can download the Shift App for Android and iOS

Final Thoughts

Now numerous applications in the Play store allow you to create custom filters and edit photos as per your requirements. Recently, Google launched its Snapseed app that also provides awesome features for photographers to edit and enhance their pictures as per their requirements.

But still only a few apps have gained market domination with a huge number of users. With proper usage and practice, anyone can improve their editing skills and the app’s features allow limitless possibilities to dress up your photos.