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Task automation has been the primary objective of millions of applications across various devices. Automation may be in terms of communication through social networks with the help of features built into the apps or through mechanisms that increase productivity in our daily activities by remembering and scheduling tasks from information gathered from conversations.

iOS recently introduced a feature that reads text messages and emails and automatically schedules them in the calendar. This major addition to the existing features in iOS, still lacks on Android devices.

But fortunately, unlike Apple, Android has open source code with API’s for nearly all services and application embedded into the device. This allows third party developers to create custom applications for functionalities that the OS lacks. Developers have already built applications similar to SMS to

Developers have already built applications similar to SMS to calendar feature and have added additional support and functionality that iOS still lacks. However, the major drawback of the apps is that they have to be separately installed unlike the inbuilt feature of IOS. Let’s explore how we can easily create calendar events from incoming text messages.

Automatically Create Calendar Events

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The ability to automatically create calendar events from incoming text messages and emails requires access to the SMS and Calendar API that is readily provided by the Android SDK. Therefore developers have already released apps that automate the event creation process along with some other additional features built into the apps. Inviter is the most used app for automating this task.



Inviter automatically creates an event the moment you get a text with a date in it.

The application works offline even without any kind of data usage and only accesses the calendar app once it has tracked the text information. This also helps in maintaining privacy while using the functionality.  It supports android versions above 2.3 and works flawlessly in the latest Android Lollipop version.


The app also comes with additional functionalities that allow you to modify the calendar events before it is saved. You can change the date, change location or even invite other people while saving the event.

The app is currently in beta and the developer has explicitly stated that the app will be available for a price once it is out of Beta stage. There is no further information about when the app would be released in the alpha stage but it may come with some added features.


The default settings of the app provides the best experience. Whenever you get a text message, the app pops up to ask you about any changes necessary before it gets added as an event. You can then change any parameters or tap on the “More” option to set a different location and add other people to the event.

You can also disable the manual setting and the app will automatically create calendar events for all texts that have a date. One of its defining features is the ignore list that allows you to ignore specific keywords that may be present in texts.

You can download the Inviter App for Android here

How to set up and Use Inviter

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, start the app from the dashboard or your home screen. Now you can set up the app for creating calendar events.

  1. If you want to add and manage events manually as texts arrive in your message box, tick the option “Add events manually”
  2. Now every time you get an SMS, Inviter will pop with the option to add events to your calendar. You can tap on “More” to set location and add other people who might be attending the event.
  3. If you want the app to execute automatically and add all your event information to your calendar, deselect the option for manual event adding.


The Inviter application is perhaps the only effective application that automates the process of creating calendar events from incoming text messages. It is available free for now but the developer may start charging a nominal amount once it is out of beta stage.

Users will have to buy a year subscription though the price is yet to be fixed. Its money well spent for an app that takes away the headache of remembering things or manually adding them to calendar.