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Mobile operating systems come with hosts of new features to allow users to have easy access to basic functions and services available both offline and online. Widgets in Android serve a huge role in speeding up tasks that would otherwise take minutes to launch and deliver the required information. Using widgets can greatly speed up tasks allowing us to focus on more important stuff rather than waiting for an app to start so that we can retrieve the necessary information.

Widgets are associated with background services that keep on monitoring their respective tasks while updating the widgets with latest updated information. Therefore, the moment a user taps on a widget, the app starts as if it was already running.

Here are top 5 widgets that help us remain productive while accessing basic apps and services on our android device.

Widgets that Help You Get More Done



Dash clock is a lock screen notification widget. Its numerous features and extensions available on the Play Store made it one of the most downloaded widgets since its release. It has more than 4 million active users and downloads exceed more than 5 million devices. It supports android versions above 4.2 but requires widget enabling in Version 4.4. It comes packed with extensions that allow users to easily remain notified about current weather, calls and text, notifications, emails and numerous other features depending on the extensions enabled.

It also provides an API that allows developers to extend its functionality with other applications. Therefore you can find many apps that work as extensions with the widget to provide all necessary information about services supported by the apps. The widget is highly customizable with interface modifications that allow users to design the interface as per their choice.

All Things Google

Android Widgets 1

Nearly every Google service provides a widget to ease user access through the installed application. Widgets like Keep, Calendar, and Gmail etc. are the most usable widgets that provide all necessary information about the activity on the respective services. Other applications often use Google and Android API’s to access activity on these services and display them to the user with some additional customization. But Google’s own widgets are effective and do not require any added services to function, therefore reducing load on the device.

You can pin your Keep widget to set and get reminders and notes as and when you need them. The Gmail widget allows you to easily access all activity on your email without even opening the app. With some other apps that automate tasks, you can easily synchronize data among the services, therefore greatly improving the overall experience and usability.


Android Widgets 2

Handheld devices are all about connecting with people and Contact+ makes it easier than ever to retrieve all necessary contact information from our contacts app. It comes with a great user interface along with expanding and contacting features that allow it to adapt to the screen size.

It aims to provide all necessary information about our contacts with just a single tap on the widget. Therefore browsing through your contacts list becomes easier than ever.


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Google Maps is in itself the most complete service on the web today. This widget from Google Maps takes the service a step ahead by allowing users to get directions to places where the user hangout often.

Moreover its GPS guided voice navigation allows users to easily drive on the right path without even having to peep into the device while driving. It comes with traffic information and keeps you updated about all relevant related information while navigating.

APW Widget

Android Widgets 4

This is the ultimate combination of the best apps and widgets in one single package. It lets you browse through your mail, read from Google reader, access your contacts and calendar as well as keeps you notified about your social media activities from Facebook, twitter and others. Moreover, it also allows each of the widgets to be easily styled to suit user preference.

It is designed for all kinds of handheld devices, therefore allowing even tablet users to easily access all kinds of relevant information without any interface and usability constraints. The numerous widgets bundled with it also support scrolling to allow users to easily navigate through all relevant information without crowding their screen.

Final Thoughts

The Play store is full of thousands of widgets and more than 90% of the apps come with widgets of their own to assist users to easily access respective services. But the above mentioned widgets greatly improve productivity by notifying and informing users of necessary information while controlling the apps in the device’s background.

Use them as per your requirements and once you get the hang of it, you will find them immensely helpful in your day-to-day activities. Did we leave out any of your favorite productivity widgets? Share your ideas in the comments below.