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10 Cool Recipes for IFTTT Do Apps

IFTTT has launched 3 awesome new apps – the Do Button app, the Do Camera app and the Do Note app – that let you do all sorts of daily tasks with just the press of a button.

Are you an avid tweeter? You can use the Do Note app to directly publish your tweets on your account, without having to log in. Do you travel a lot? You can use the Do Button app to notify your family when you’re about to arrive home. The Do Camera app, on the other hand, will let you upload your photos to a social media account or share them with your family and friends through email with just a single tap. Sounds pretty nifty, doesn’t it?

These apps use a script called as a “recipe” to perform tasks. Recipes are customizable and you can set up to 3 different recipes for each app. To switch between your selected recipes, you simply swipe to the next screen on the right (or left).

There are a lot of useful recipes you can create with these apps. Here are 10 clever recipes that we think you really need to try with the IFTTT’s new Do apps.

With the Do Button App

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  • Are You Almost Home?: This Do Button recipe will let you inform 5 people or less that you are almost at home. You can also include a map of where you are at and the current time, so they know when to expect you and can get dinner ready for you.
  • Get Out of Awkward Situations: This recipe will, as you can guess, get you out of awkward situations, when you meet someone you hate or your boss is taking up too much of your time. How? You can call yourself with it, of course, and excuse yourself! At the moment, this only works for US numbers.
  • Turn ON the Lights: If you own a bunch of Phillips Hue lights, you can control them and turn them off and on with the Do Button app. Imagine your home lights turning ON and waiting when your drive into the garage – that’s now possible with this app.
  • Travel Log: If you travel a lot and want to boast about all the places you have visited, this recipe works as a digital visa log by recording your current location and time into a Google Drive spreadsheet.

With the Do Camera App

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  • Send pictures to your PC: If you use Pushbullet, you can send important photos directly to your PC with this recipe. Record receipts, memos and backup your important pictures without wires or syncing.
  • Change Your Profile Picture: You can instantaneously change your Twitter profile picture, without logging in to your account, with this recipe. Just click a new picture of yourself and tap.
  • Create an Evernote Notebook: You can create a digital scrapbook of your daily life or of a vacation on Evernote. Just use the app to take pictures, which will then automatically be added to Evernote, saving you several steps and letting you click pictures on the go.

With the Do Note App

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  • Send Your Thoughts to Yourself: If you’re an artist or you’re bored at work, or you find yourself forgetting a lot things, you can create a weekly digest email to have all your ideas emailed to you once a week.
  • Create a To-Do List: Do you want to have more productive days or do you have a huge grocery list to go through? You can upload all this to a Google spreadsheet, which you can reference and append whenever you want, with a simple tap of a button.
  • Tweet and Blog Faster: You can use some Do Note app recipes to tweet and blog faster. The Publish WordPress post (or Tumblr or Bloggr) immediately recipe will quickly publish a blog, for instance. Similarly, you can tweet directly too.

Final Thoughts

Customizing these apps to suit your taste will take a while, but we think it’ll be worth it in the long run. While you can just set 3 recipes to work with these apps at the moment, IFTTT is planning to increase that number in the future, so watch out for that.