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Locked Out, We’ve got a solution

If you’re a typical gadget lover, you probably carry around (or at least have) multiple gadgets like smartphones, tablets and smart watches. Most of your devices probably have different passwords, PINs and lock patterns.

While this makes good security-wise, remembering so many different passwords can be a daunting task – especially as you have to remember the passwords of your social media accounts, email accounts and other web accounts too. What if you forget your device password?

Worse Case Scenario: You Forget Your Password

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If you ever forget your password, PIN or pattern on an Android device, you know you’re in a whole lot of trouble. Usually, you’ll have to send your phone to the manufacturer to get it unlocked. The typical manufacturer will wipe your phone clean (factory reset) before sending it back to you, and so you end up losing all your apps, data and customizations.

The dozens of hours you spent getting your gadget just right are lost, not to mention that you will probably have to spend several sleepless nights updating your contacts, re-downloading your apps and re-customizing your gadget to the way it was before.

Droid Unlatch to the Rescue

You can avoid the scary scenario we described above if you get Droid Unlatch. Droid Unlatch is a get out of jail free app for Android which, like the name suggests, lets you get into your phone even if it’s locked.

How does the app work exactly? Droid Unlatch, once installed, will ask you to create a Master PIN that is capable of overriding your regular PIN, password and pattern-based locks. The Master PIN is, essentially, a backup key that comprises of 6 digits. You are given the option, of course, of setting the Master PIN. But that means you will have to remember the Master PIN right? Nope – and therein lies the beauty of this app.

If you ever happen to forget your PIN, password or pattern, you can access Droid Unlatch from the lock screen and request the Master PIN to be sent to you, via text or email. You can then access your phone and reset your passwords – it’s as simple as that.


When you install Droid Unlatch, you’re asked to set 2 separate email addresses and phone numbers. If you ever get locked out of your phone, the Master PIN will be sent on these email addresses and phone numbers. We recommend that you use email addresses that you can access anywhere, and not just at work. Even if you don’t remember your email IDs (or their passwords), you will be able to receive the Master PIN on the numbers you specified.

For phone numbers, give the number of someone close to you that you can trust. If your phone lets you read messages on the lock screen, you can even give the number of the phone you’re installing the Droid Unlatch app on.

What if someone were to get a hold of your Master PIN? Don’t worry, no one can, as it’s not stored on Droid Unlatch’s servers or shared with anyone else – it’s only present on your phone and will be sent back to you when you ask for it! Droid Unlatch is, therefore, a highly secure app to use.

Fail Safe Features that make it awesome

Droid Unlatch has also a couple of fail safes built into it. What happens when your Wi-Fi is off on your phone and you get locked out? You can preconfigure the app to automatically access your network even when your phone is locked. What happens when you don’t receive the Master PIN on a number cause it was switched off? There is an option to resend the Master PIN, through email or through text.

What happens when your phone is locked and you have no net or a cell signal? You can still access your phone by entering the Master PIN, without having to connect to the internet. The developers seem to have thought of everything, we think.

Droid Unlatch is easy to use and configure. The app runs perfectly on even old Android gadgets, so don’t hesitate to install it on your old phone or tablet.

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Final Thoughts

Droid Unlatch is the perfect app for you if have to remember multiple passwords or you keep forgetting them. It’s a paid app but paying a dollar to purchase your piece of mind is, in our opinion, a pretty good bargain.

Please note, though, that Droid Unlatch will only work if it’s been pre-installed on the gadget you’ve lost the password for. So if you are worried about ever losing your password, pattern lock or lock screen pin, Droid Unlatch is the perfect app to have on your phone.