The Big Launch in Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress is where almost all the top smartphone manufacturers come together to showcase their newly developed products and to give us a glimpse of the technology of the future. This year’s Mobile World Congress – held in Barcelona – was no different. We got to see some outstanding smartphones, as well as some great tablets, smartwatches, wearables and other assorted gadgets on display.

Out of all the quirky, innovative and not-so-innovate gadgets, some caught our eyes and captured our imagination. Here’s our list of what we consider are the 7 best products unveiled at the Mobile World Congress this year.



Bluesmart is the world’s first digital carry-on suitcase available for a reasonable $299. Bluesmart is a suitcase you can control and keep track of through your smartphone. You can lock it and unlock it remotely, via the app, and you will even receive a proximity alert when you go to collect it once at your destination.

The bag has a built-in scale telling you how heavy it is, which is a very useful feature, it includes a phone charging dock and you can even insert a SIM card in it to enable GPS tracking of your luggage, letting you find it quickly if it ever gets lost. It’s a very innovative idea, though it makes you wonder why no one thought of it before this.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge


Samsung Galaxy S5 was a big disappointment, so Samsung has made it up to us by giving us the beautiful S6 Edge. The new S6 Edge (one of 2 flagship products, the other being the S6) has a very innovate edged screen, great design, a top-end processor – in short, it could very well be the best smartphone you see this year.

The edged screen is the best feature – you can access several phone features by tapping shortcuts that appear on the edge of the curved screen. Apart from being useful, it looks very good too.

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Alcatel OneTouch Idol 3


If your phone has ever been upside down when you’ve answered a phone call, think about getting yourself the budget Alcatel One Touch Idol 3. The phone has an innovative reversible design – it has 2 microphones on both ends, so you can answer calls regardless of which way the phone is pointing.

The phone has pretty standard features, like a 13MP camera and a 5.5-inch screen, though it looks very good for a purported price of $200.

AVG’s Invisibility Glasses


Is Big Brother watching you right now? If you wear AVG’s invisibility glasses, Big Brother can stare all he wants without ever seeing you. AVG’s Invisibility glasses won’t actually make you invisible, of course. Instead, they are designed to fool facial recognition programs you find on cameras the world over. They use infrared LED technology to do that, by emitting light only cameras can see and distorting the recording.

HTC One M9


The HTC One M9 is a solid improvement over the HTC One M8. It has a bigger screen, better processor, a better camera… in short; it’s a much better phone than its predecessor. We are in love with its design, too. If you need a new smartphone this year, definitely take a look at this phone.

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Ikea’s Wireless Charging Furniture


Ikea understands that most people are too lazy to get up to charge their smartphones, and so it has launched a range of wireless charging furniture that gadget lovers everywhere are sure to snap up. The wireless charging furniture will charge all kinds of gadgets wirelessly. All you have to do, in theory, is sit on the couch (or near a table or lamp) with your gadget in your pocket.

HTC Vive


The HTC Vive is a new VR (virtual reality) gaming headset, born out of a partnership between HTC and Steam. What makes it different from the other headsets in the market? It is hands down, better than every other headset we’ve come across.

The HTC Vive will fit snugly around your head and sense any movement you make in a 15×15 room. All your movements, including minute head movements, are tracked by the laser sensors included in the Vive, giving you an unmatched virtual reality (and entertainment) experience.

Final Thoughts

Wearables have become the rage recently, and many of the best products on display at the MWC were wearables. We haven’t, unfortunately, been able to include everything we loved at the MWC in this list. If your desire for new gadgets still hasn’t been satisfied, we recommend you check out the Ford MoDe Electric Bike, the LG Urbane collection, the Huawei Watch and the So