For a company that rakes in billions of dollars every year and creates some truly amazing products, Apple does some dumb things. Ground zero for bad Apple products (or bad Apples, as I like to call them) is iTunes.

iTunes is awkward. It has too many features and can be confusing. It was a nightmare for years on Windows (and still sort of is). Worst of all, it always wants to open whenever you connect an iPhone or iPad. This is unbelievably annoying. Here’s how to disable it.

How to fix iTunes

Take your iPhone or iPad and plug it into your Mac or PC using a Lightning cable. This will cause iTunes to open automatically, which will never stop being annoying.

Click on the small phone icon in iTunes to open the menu for your device. Take a moment to bask in the archaic 2000s-era device management.


Then click “Summary” on the left. Scroll down to the Options box at the bottom. Apple gets a little clever with the naming, calling the auto-open option “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected.”


Uncheck that box and iTunes will stop bothering you every time you try to open it.

How to fix iPhoto

For Mac owners, having iPhoto announce itself every time they connect their iPhone is annoying. Thanks, Apple, but I’ll manage my photos myself.

To disable iPhoto’s tendency to jump ahead and open on top of your other windows, open it up and go to the preferences.


In the box next to “Connecting camera opens:”, select “No application.” This will prevent iPhoto from popping up all the time when you connect an iPhone or any other camera.



Choosing these 2 simple options can make your life really easy if you get annoyed by seeing iTunes and iPhoto pop-up every time you connect your iDevice. It’s not like you need to back up your phone every time you connect it to your PC or add photos to your library that often.

In case you are an avid photographer or need to have daily backups of your device data, you can always leave one of these ON and disable the other as needed.