Best Video Editing Apps for Android

These days, the cameras that you find on smartphones can easily rival the ones you’d find on digital cameras and SLRs. It’s no wonder that most people these days prefer using their smartphones to take photos and record videos. Not only are they more convenient, it also saves you the cost of having to buy a separate camera.

Another added benefit of using smartphones for video recording is that you can use edit your videos before you share them – either by using the stock video editor or downloading an app from the Google Play store. Editing your videos before sharing is always a good practice, as you can trim out the bad parts, add effects and generally make a better show of it.

If you use the stock video editor, though, you are limiting yourself- it’s simply not as powerful and useful as some of the video editing apps on the app store. Here are three video editing apps for Android we really think you should try out to make better videos with.



AndroVid is one of the better video editors we’ve come across on Android. Of course, it’s not as powerful as the video-editing tools you can get on your PC, but it does get the job done. There are two versions of the software: free (ad-supported) and pro ($1.99). The pro version, of course, has more features, but we think you’ll be satisfied with the free version, for the most part.

To use AndroVid, you have to need to load a clip into it. Once the clip is open, you have several editing options to choose from, visible at the top of your screen. The choice of options might seem limited at first glance, but there are more options hiding to the right – just swipe with your fingers to reveal them. The user interface may not be as intuitive as it could be, but it’s simple and easy to use.

Some of the options you can use include Trim, Split and Grab. Trim will let you cut your video to include only the part you want. Split, as the name suggests, will let you split the clip into two different clips at a point you want – useful when you want to send a large video as an attachment. The Grab option will let you capture a screenshot – a single still image – at any point in your video.

You can add text to any part of your video too, in different colors and sizes. You can control where the text is placed with your fingers. You can’t animate or transition the text though. On the other hand, you can add some pretty neat effects to your videos with filters.

AndroVid will also let you add MP3 audio to your clip. You can’t actually sync the audio with the video, but we think it’s a nice feature nonetheless, especially if you record the audio yourself or edit it beforehand.

KineMaster Pro


KineMaster Pro is powerful, very powerful. If you’re a photographer and are looking for professional-grade software, you can’t do better than KineMaster Pro. The Pro version of the software was once subscription based, but you can now download and use it for free.

KineMaster Pro has an intuitive, colorful user interface. This is a good thing, as you need the intuitiveness if you want to use the many tools this app gives you. When you load a clip into the app, a video-editing timeline will appear with a handful of options on the bar at the bottom. Like with the AndroVid app, you can trim and split your clips.

Unlike the AndroVid, you don’t have to junk the rest of your clip if you used trim and you can keep working on your split clips, splitting them further or adding effects to them. KineMaster lets you work on multiple video and audio files at one time. You can, theoretically, add and mix together several video and audio clips into a single one.

KineMaster Pro also has a variety of options that let you touch up your videos. You can add a variety of nice effects and transitions to your clip (like a slow center and zoom), rotate the clip, adjust its brightness, its contrast and improve the color saturation.  You can use templates to add superimposed titles to your clips and animate them too. For example, you can create a movie end credits-like script scrolls down while you read it.

KineMaster will let you add multiple audio files to your video and edit them too. You can add music files or even record a clip with the in-built recorder. If you can’t be bothered to import music files, you can use some pre-loaded ones.



VidTrim is a no-frills video editing tool. It doesn’t have as many features as the other two tools on this list, but it’s simple and perfect for casual users. The free version of the tool is ad-supported and the paid version will set you back by $2.49.

VidTrim has a simple user interface and a few basic options. You can trim your video by using a slider tool, and then save the trimmed version as MP3 (if you need to). VidTrim will let you quickly change the size and quality of your video. If your video clip is occupying too much space, use VidTrim to downgrade its size. Like AndroVid and KineMaster, VidTrim will let you add audio clips to your video, though you can’t sync it or adjust its volume.

You can also capture a still image from the video with VidTrim. VidTrim won’t really let you touch up your video or add many effects to it, though you can add a few basic ones like black and white and sepia.

Wrap Up

We think if you’re a casual user, though, and don’t have time to learn how to work complicated video editors, VidTrim might be what you’re looking for. If you need something more robust, go for AndroVid. And, finally, if you never want to download another video-editing tool again to satisfy your desire for more complex features, get KineMaster Pro.