There’s a lot of awesome content on reddit, and not a lot of it is in the default subreddits you get with a new account. Those tend to get clogged up with boring or crappy content that’s dumbed down to the lowest common denominator. You don’t want that stuff – it’s entertaining enough for a little while but gets old fast.

You want these subreddits. As someone approaching their third cakeday, I’ve found a ton of awesome niche areas over my three years wasted spent productively on reddit.

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Coolest subreddits You Should Check Out Today



And you thought horror was only for movies and video games. /r/NoSleep is a fun little community of people who write very, very creepy stories aimed at unsettling the readers.

With more than 2.6 million redditors subscribed, there’s a massive pool of creativity that creates some truly interesting stories.

They’re also nice enough to include trigger warnings with every story, so you can sort through the different submissions to make sure one of them doesn’t go too far for your tastes.

I’d definitely recommend reading it… just not before bed.



Most redditors are young, liberal and anti-authoritarian. This translates into a general dislike of the police. While valid in some situations, it often goes too far.

For the other side of that story, there’s /r/ProtectAndServe, a subreddit populated by police officers. Reading the perspective of actual cops, unfiltered by local PD PR, is fascinating.

I would absolutely recommend /r/ProtectAndServe to anyone interested in law enforcement or simply what it’s like to serve as a police officer. It might open your eyes.



Ever wonder what your IT guy thinks of everyone at his company? Now you can find out with /r/TalesFromTechSupport.

The subreddit collects submissions from the people who have to fix computers for everyone else. The results and their stories are ridiculous, jaw-dropping and invariably entertaining. People are not good with computers.

Anyone interested in a career in IT should give /r/TalesFromTechSupport a long, hard look before joining up. It’s rough out there and there are a lot of people still using Internet Explorer.



/r/CircleMusic spun off of /r/circlebroke, a place that used to be good but isn’t up to snuff anymore. However, /r/CircleMusic is a cool little community built around sharing weird, obscure music worth listening to.

I’ve found some weird and awesome songs on that subreddit. It’s definitely broadened my musical taste. Not every song is good, but music fans looking for something unusual should listen to it all.



/r/circlejerk is hilarious to anyone who’s spent enough time in reddit. The subreddit is built around performing light satire and parody of reddit. While often silly, many of the jokes skewer reddit culture perfectly.

If the culture of weed, Tesla and hating Comcast that is so prevalent on reddit gets annoying, give /r/circlejerk a try. It’s like swimming in a pool filled with mayonnaise on a hot day – weird, but still refreshing.



People on the internet get into really dumb arguments. For when that happens, there’s /r/SubredditDrama. The Dramanauts at SRD chronicle all the dumb shit that people on reddit bicker over.

The result is something like reality TV for the internet, and it is just as entertaining. Watching people threaten each other over how well-done a steak should be or whether Pokemon can consent to sex is like watching a train wreck. It’s awful, but you just can’t look away. Its too funny.

SRD is highly entertaining and a good way to keep track of major happenings on reddit. Would definitely recommend for any serious redditor interested in the metasphere.



Do you have an old game taking up space on your shelf? Haven’t played something in a while but don’t want to get $2 for it at GameStop? There’s /r/GameSwap.

The subreddit connects redditors who want to swap old physical console games. You can get rid of your old junk in exchange for someone else’s junk. You both win!

Sadly, there is no trading allowed for Steam games, beta keys or Humble Bundles.

Final Thoughts

There are tons of awesome subreddits out there. I’ve found a few good ones just by hitting the random button. Try it yourself, you’d be surprised. If you’re a reddit user feel free to share your own favorites in the comments below.