Fix a Blown Speaker

The Apple iPhone is an amazing Smartphone that is loved by millions of people worldwide. However, like all other phones, it is also composed of electrical and electronic components. Some of these may conk off after prolonged usage or owing to mishandling on the owner’s part. If the loudspeaker in your iPhone gets damaged or blown off, you will no longer be able to play music, make phone calls, except on earphones.

At times, the loudspeaker may also create crackling noise instead of clear sound which indicates it needs a replacement. Fortunately, you can perform a DIY replacement of the iPhone loudspeaker without much hassle.

Replacing the Loud Speaker In iPhone 5s

When you are out of Apple warranty and find the loudspeaker of the iPhone 5S has stopped working, a home replacement is an easy option. The loudspeaker in iPhone 5S is located at the top part of dock assembly. So, you can use adhesive and screws to perform the job yourself.

Though, we must warn you to leave the handling of your phone to an expert if you’re not sure of the steps outlined here.

Things Required for iPhone 5s Speaker Replacement

Listed below are the required items for iPhone 5S speaker replacement. As it is, you will be able to buy these components from several online shops.

  • Replacement loud speaker for iPhone 5s
  • Spudger tool
  • Suction cup
  • Standard #000 Phillips screwdriver
  • 5-point security screwdriver
  • Razor blade

Method to Replace iPhone 5s Speaker

Step 1: Power off the device and removing display assembly

It is necessary that you switch off the iPhone before performing any part replacement, be it speaker or something else. You need to hold down its power button until the Slide to Power off appears. Slide it to power off the device.

The device has a couple of security screws on either side of the dock connector and they serve the purpose of securing the screen to the phone’s frame. The 5-point security screwdriver should be used to remove them properly.

Now, put the suction cup a little above the phone’s Home button assembly and then secure it on display section. While holding the phone firmly with a hand, you need to pull upwards using the cup until the bottom section of the screen gets freed up. However, do not pull too harshly since a cable with Touch ID is connected. The screen should be separated by an inch or so at this juncture.

When you see the cables clearly, use the spudger tool’s edge to remove a metal shield that covers the phone’s Touch ID cable. Use the edge to disconnect the Touch ID.

Now, using the #000 screwdriver you need to remove 4 screws that hold down the shield that hides the display cables. After removing 4 screws, remove the shield slowly and keep it aside. Then, use the spudger tool to remove 3 cables and keep in mind the third cable sits beneath first two. At this step, the device’s display assembly will become free from the body. Put the detached display assembly aside.

Step 2: Disconnect the battery

Two screws hold down the phone’s battery cable by deploying the #000 Phillips screwdriver. Now, lift the battery shield out of the device. Put it aside as well. Next, use the spudger tool for take the battery cable out.

It is not necessary to remove the iPhone’s battery completely, but disconnecting it is viable before you replace any components. That will prevent the risk of any mishap in case the Power button is pressed accidentally. You never know what can happen when you proceed with a DIY repair.

Step 3: Change the device’s loud speaker assembly

To remove the phone’s speaker assembly, three screws need to be removed. You will have to use the #000 Phillips screwdriver for this. Thereafter, use the spudger tool’s flat end to lift up right section of the phone’s loud speaker unit. Do not, however, try to remove it totally.

Using the fingers of your hand, take out the device’s loud speaker from its housing and be careful when you do that. Then, replace the old speaker and put in the new unit. Ensure the new unit is placed properly so that the connectors are at the right places. Ensure the round cable and its wire fits on the speaker.

Step 4: Reconnect the battery

Now, you need to reconnect the detached battery cable to the phone’s logic board. Then, place the battery shield and a couple of screws removed earlier in their place properly.

Step 5: Replace the display assembly

To place the display assembly back, you will need to connect 3 cables and begin with the leftmost cable-the one which is positioned beneath two others. Then re-position the phone’s display shield with four screws using the #000 Phillips screw driver.

At the next step, connect the detached Touch ID cable to the iPhone’s logic board, to do this, use the spudger tool’s pointed edge.

Then, you will have to re-position the Touch ID shield which is placed over the cable.  For this, line up top of the iPhone into the frame with care. Now, snap down the display unit carefully until everything is in place.

You will get a clicking sound when things are snapped the right way. Remember that you should not apply force if the display section does not go back. Make sure the top section is lined up rightly and no cables are getting twisted. When things are in place, you will not find resistance.

Use the 5-point security screwdriver for re-positioning the dual dock connector screws which you took out at the first step.

Step 6– Testing the replacement loud speaker

Now that, you have replaced the damaged loudspeaker of your iPhone 5s it is time to test it! To test it in numerous ways, do the following:

  • Make a call and put the device on loudspeaker
  • Play some music using the speaker unit
  • Use headphones to check if passing music from earphone to loudspeaker and vice versa is working well

Summing it Up

Replacing the damaged speaker in the iPhone 5s does take some time, but it is no rocket science either. You need to follow the steps carefully and need the right tools for doing the job. The process is not very different for older iterations of the Apple device.